November 1st, 2008

Gun Talk Radio Show Tackles Cooper Controversy

antique radioTune in to your radio this Sunday guys. Dan Cooper will be the topic du jour on Tom Gresham’s radio show. If the show is not broadcast in your area, you can stream audio over the internet by visiting

Gresham’s Gun Talk is the #1 firearms-related radio show in the world. Every week, Tom brings together interesting figures in the shooting community. But this week is extra special. Tom and his lead-off guest David Codrea will discuss the controversy involving Dan Cooper. When it was revealed, earlier this week, that Dan Cooper made donations to the Democratic Party, many gun owners expressed concern, and some vowed not to purchase Cooper Rifles. In the heat of the controversy, Dan Cooper resigned his position at Cooper Firearms, but Dan’s politics remain a hot issue. Along with the Cooper controversy, Codrea, Guns magazine columnist and author of a popular web blog, will discuss the the election, and the power of the web for the gun rights movement.

Gresham will also interview Bill Dermody, a marketing exec with Savage Arms. Just this week, it was Bill who provided with an exclusive “sneak preview” of new dual-port rifles in Savage’s 2009 line-up. On Gun Talk, Bill will discuss the Savage product line and general shooting issues. “Bill is a regular on Gun Talk,” Tom Gresham said. “He loves to chat with callers, whether it’s about Savage, or just shooting, hunting and guns in general.”

Savage Benchrest Rifle

Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk is carried on 64 radio stations across the country, streamed on the internet, and broadcast on XM Satellite Radio. The nationally-syndicated live radio show will be broadcast Sunday, November 2, starting at 2:00pm Eastern Time.