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November 27th, 2008

Canadian "Ski Bipod" for F-Class Shooters

We first featured Henry Remple’s Canadian-made F-Class bipod last winter and we still receive many questions about this product. Nick-named the “Ski Bipod”, this impressive unit offers unrivaled stability from an ultra-wide footprint. The height of the bipod is adjustable as is the distance between the runners or “skis” that contact the ground. And there is a cant adjustment allowing the rifle to be leveled on uneven ground. The reason Henry used ski-like runners rather than flat pads is that this allows the rifle to slide slightly reward during recoil. That eliminates much of the hop and rotation associated with conventional bipods.

Remple Ski Bipod

Forum member Keith Skjerdal reports: “A lot of F-CLass guys in Canada are using the Ski Bipod made by Henry Remple out of Calgary. It is very well made and steady as a conventional pedestal rest. Even some guys in the USA and Britain have them now. If you want the best, this is it, in my opinion. This makes the trip to the mound easier than with a big pedestal rest. Downside? Well, since the Ski Bipod attaches to your rifle, it counts in your total weight under the rules. The Ski Bipod adds roughly 3.5 pounds to your gun’s weight. The cost is around $400-420 Cdn (this basically covers the cost of materials and all that milling work.)

To get one, contact Henry Rempel from Calgary. He does not have a web site. His home phone number (after 7 pm) is 1-403-272-8416. I think his email is henry.rempel [at]”

Rempel Ski Bipod

Rempel Ski Bipod

Rempel Ski Bipod

Photos Copyright © Richard Dreger, used by permission.

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November 27th, 2008

Recall on older Anschütz Air Rifle Cylinders

J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG, maker of premium air rifles and small-bore match rifles has announced a recall of roughly 1,400 compressed air cylinders (holding tanks) on its rifles. The aluminum air cylinders involved in the recall are:

• Air cylinder, silver, length 430 mm: from 012947 to 016843 item No. 711.3415
• Air cylinder, red, length 430 mm: from 002444 to 002527 item No. 711.3414
• Air cylinder, black, length 430 mm: from 000006 to 000053 item No. 711.3413
• Air cylinder, Junior, length 290 mm: from 001632 to 002225 item No. 711.3412

Anschutz Air Rifle

If you have an Anschütz air rifle, check the sidewall of the air cylinder. Look for the number at the right of the top line (marked in blue in the photo above). If the number matches the serial numbers on the recall list above you should immediately empty your air cylinder (and do not refill it). Please return the empty air cylinder to J. G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG, department “air cylinder check”, Daimlerstr. 12, 89079 Ulm / Germany, or send it to any authorized ANSCHÜTZ sales partner as listed on

CLICK HERE to download Air Cylinder Recall Information Sheet (.pdf file).

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