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November 15th, 2008

Kopriva Sets New NBRSA 1000-yard, 6-Target Agg. Record

Daryl Kopriva, a Kansas-based gunsmith and long-range competitor, proved he sure knows how to build (and shoot) precision, long-range rifles. At the October club match at the Colorado Rifle Club (CRC) in Byers, CO, Daryl shot a potential new NBRSA 6-target, 1000-yard record. This is a two-gun, 6-target aggregate record, combining 3 targets in Light Gun (LG) with 3 targets in Heavy Gun (HG). Daryl’s LG 3-target Agg was 5.782″, while his HG 3-target Agg was 5.779″. If approved, the combined Agg will be a new 6-Target NBRSA record. Nice shootin’ Daryl. Congrats!

Darryl used two rifles he smithed himself. (A talented gunsmith, Daryl operates DARA Rifles in Grainfield, Kansas). The Light Gun is a 6.5-06 Improved with a 35° shoulder. Components include an 8.5″ BAT action, Shehane ST-1000 “Tracker” fiberglass stock, Bartlein barrel, and Nightforce scope. At this CRC match, Daryl was shooting 6.5mm Berger 140 BTHP “thick-jacket” bullets for the first time. Obviously the Berger “thicks” worked well!

Daryl’s Heavy gun features a Shehane Maxi-Tracker stock, BAT 8.5″ action, and a heavy-contour Bartlein barrel clamped in a barrel block. The gun is chambered for a wildcat Daryl calls the “30 DARA”. This is a 300 Win Mag modified with a 30° shoulder. Daryl uses his 30 DARA cartridge to drive Berger 210gr VLDs close to 3000 fps.

The photo below shows Darryl shooting his Shehane-stocked Heavy Gun at the 2007 IBS Nationals in Quantico, VA. Note the ultra-wide forearm and barrel block fitted ahead of the BAT action. The scope is a Nightforce NXS. For more information about Daryl’s rifles and gunsmithing services, visit, email info[at], or call (785) 938-2367.

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November 15th, 2008

Training Sessions for Retailers at SHOT Show

Shot Show Training Sessions

On Wednesday, Jan. 14th, 2009, the National Assn. of Firearms Retailers (NAFR) will host a series of informative seminars at SHOT Show in Orlando, FL. This SHOT Show University program provides a full day of seminars hosted by qualified speakers. There will be 90-minute seminars in the morning followed by ‘break-out sessions’ in the late afternoon. Seminars include:

— How to Create Outrageously Effective Marketing Materials (Ron Rosenberg)
— Know Your Rights as a Licensee (Richard Gardiner, Esq.)
— Consumer Profile of Today’s Hunter & Target Shooter (Frank Biganti, Rob Southwick)
— Best Firearms Compliance Practices (Wally Nelson, ATF, retired)
— Strategic Communication with the Media and Your Customers (Ann Baldwin)
— Budgeting Process for Your Business, and Creative Marketing for Your Business (Tom Shay)

Ron Rosenberg’s Marketing Seminar, the first session of the day (at 8:05 am), is one program you shouldn’t miss. Ron identifies the 12 key elements that should be in every marketing piece, and he reveals proven copywriting strategies that dramatically increase response rates. Attendees can bring their own marketing materials for on-the-spot feedback.

Seating is limited, so register early.2009 SHOT Show University price for NAFR members is $50.00. Non-members can register for the 2009 SHOT Show University for $75.00. For more info, call NSSF at (203) 426-1320.

CLICK HERE to Register for Shot Show University.

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