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November 17th, 2008

Portable Reloading Bench Built on B&D Workmate

portable reloading benchLast summer we featured a portable reloading bench built on a Black & Decker Workmate. We’ve received many inquiries about this sturdy, efficient design, so we’re showing it again, in case you missed it the first time. this is a perfect do-it-yourself project that can be used at home or at the range.

Texan Robert Lewis made himself a great portable reloading bench from plywood mounted to a Black & Decker Workmate. The bench, roughly 22″ x 19″ on top, folds up to fit easily in your car’s trunk or behind the seats in a pick-up truck cab. Four recessed bolts hold the wood top section to the collapsible B&D Workmate.The sides and back of the unit are attached to the base with small nails. There is a small shelf (also nailed in place) which can be used to clamp a powder measure or hold a scale. Shown in the photo is a Harrell’s Benchrest measure and Harrell’s single-stage “C” press.

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The whole unit can be built for about $65.00 with pine, or $80.00 with oak (as shown). Robert explained: “The Workmate was $40. If someone bought a 2’x4′ sheet of 3/4″ oak plywood, I think it is around $30. Using pine plywood would be about half that. Fasteners were $3. Spar Urethane would be $5.”

Robert told us: “I used a couple ideas I found on the web. The Larry Willis website gave me the idea to use the Black and Decker Workmate as a base. I found the Workmate on sale for $40 and the top is made from oak plywood I had in my shop. I sealed the wood with three coats of Spar Urethane. The whole thing folds into a nice package for transportation to and from the range.”


portable shooting bench

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November 17th, 2008

MidwayUSA Shooting Mat on Sale for $19.99

Whether you’re a High Power or F-Class shooter, or a varminter who shoots from the ground with bipod, you need a decent shooting mat for field use. A mat keeps you off dirty, rocky ground and provides cushioning for the “hard points” (knees, hips, elbow) when shooting prone. You can spend up to $150.00 for a top-quality shooting mat. Alternatively, for just twenty bucks, the MidwayUSA shooting mat will probably suffice. On sale this month for just $19.99, the 69″ long x 27″ wide shooting mat has padded sections for knees and elbows, and it rolls up into a 7″-diameter package with carry strap. The bottom is a non-skid, water-resistent material — a nice feature when you’re shooting off wet grass or damp ground. The pad also has corner grommets so it can be staked down on windy days.

MidwayUSA shooting mat

This shooting pad has received favorable reviews from MidwayUSA customers. Here are some recent comments:

Five Stars. Great mat for the money. Small enough when rolled to pack into the P-Dog towns. Well constructed and designed. Midway has their act together. Very fast shipping too. — Michael Kelley of Pleasant Hope, MO

Five Stars. I purchased 30 of these on sale for my shooting club’s use in CMP, Rifle team, and junior [matches]. They are a good buy for the money. They are slightly thinner than some other mats I’ve used, but shooting mats are not sleeping bag pads. They shouldn’t be too thick or soft. The idea is to give you a firm, stable surface to shoot from. Not something to fall asleep on. A good buy for the money. — Ross Estabrooks of Dedham, MA

Four Stars. Could be a bit thicker but it works just fine, I like the waterproof underside. Have used it to cover up the gear during a downpour. — VeRiTas of Atlanta, GA

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