November 7th, 2008

Federal 205M Small Rifle Primers Over-Stocked at Bruno's

BRUNO’s is SOLD OUT of the Federal 205M PRIMERS at this time. Also, when these primers were last in stock the price was $46.95 per thousand. It is not known when 205M Primers will be back in stock. So please do NOT call requesting these primers at 2008 special sale prices.

Date: 11/7/2008 — For quite some time, Federal 205M (match) small rifle primers have been very hard to get. Some major suppliers are still out of stock. But fear not… Amy at Bruno’s informed us that Bruno’s recently received a HUGE shipment of 500,000 Fed 205M primers. This shipment was so big that Bruno’s shelves are overflowing so they’ve cut prices. The old price was $36.95 per 1000 primers. The new Special SALE price for the Fed 205Ms is $29.95 per thousand… for a limited time only. Call Amy Bruno at 1-800-455-0350 to order, or visit

Fed 205m primers at Brunos

Hodgdon H335Bruno’s also received an “over-abundance” of 8-lb jugs of Hodgdon H335 powder, so it has been marked down on “Special Sale” as well. Bruno’s is now selling the H335 eight-pounders for $117.95 marked down from $122.54.

Hodgdon’s H335 is a good powder for use in the .222 Rem, .223 Rem and .204 Ruger cartridges. It is an accurate, easy-metering spherical (ball) powder that is very similar to Olin’s military WC844, used to load 5.56 military ammo. Prairie dog shooters should find this a very good powder choice.

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