November 5th, 2008

Good Resource for Novice Metallic Cartridge Reloaders

In recent weeks we’ve seen many Forum posts from folks who are just getting started with precision hand-loading. They tell us that it’s a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Just learning all the technical terms (e.g. ogive, meplat, ballistic coefficient, load density etc.) is difficult, and the task of selecting the right tools and gear can be daunting.

ABCs of Reloading 8thThe first thing a new reloader should do is find a seasoned veteran to act as a “reloading mentor”. One can learn the basics much more quickly under the guidance of an experienced hand-loader who “knows the ropes”. We also recommend that newbies acquire a good basic reloading handbook — not just a list of load recipes, but a book that explains the processes. One of the best handbooks available is The ABC’s of Reloading (8th Edition, 2008) by Bill Chevalier. Recently updated, this reference contains 288 pages with 300 black-and-white photos. The new 8th Edition is available from for $16.49. Here’s a review from a recent purchaser of “The ABC’s”:

“When I first got the itch to load my own ammunition, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and terminology involved in this fascinating field/hobby. It was very difficult to take all the individual pieces of information that I had and form it into an understandable process. I was snowed in under a blizzard of data that I was piecing together through chat rooms and web sites. Phrases like ‘roll crimp’ and ‘headspace’ came at me in a blizzard. I could look up each phrase, understand each one as a piece, but still the whole picture was fuzzy. In essence, that is what this book will do for you — turn it all into a coherent, linear whole. The writing is very solid and clear, the illustrations are well-done and helpful, and the information is very complete. After reading this book, the entire process made sense to me, and more importantly, I was fully warned about the dos and don’ts of the reloading world. The coverage is very complete. Primers, powders, bullets, and … all necessary tools and accessories are discussed and explained. This is just a great book. It won’t make you an expert … but it will put you on the right road if you wish to become one.” — Mykal Banta

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