November 10th, 2008

November Specials — Great Deals on Bullets, Powder, Optics …

The prices of semi-automatic rifles may be zooming upwards, but many of our favorite vendors are offering special discounts on reloading components and shooting accessories. Here are some of the bargains to be had this November:

Midsouth Shooters Supply
— 10% off Ramshot powders (already attractively priced). For example: Ramshot Tac, Hunter, or Big Game, just $14.72 per pound. Ramshot SALE ENDS Nov. 14!
— Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder measure just $57.81, and 100 free bullets with purchase. This is a good measure, similar to RCBS Uni-flow.
— Varmint Nightmare X-Treme FBHP bullets, just $34.48 for five hundred (500). Either 34gr .224 diameter or 34gr .204 diameter. That works out to just $6.89 per hundred! Great choice for .204 Ruger, 20 Practical or 20 VarTarg.

Ramshot Powders

CLICK HERE to download Midsouth Fall Specials catalog
— Special Savings on Leupold VX-III and VXL. Prices too low to post on the web. Call for price quotes and availability, 1-800-531-2666.

Leupold Scope Sale

Creedmoor shooting coatCreedmoor Sports
— $50.00 off famous Hardback Shooting Coats.
— Free ground shipping on any order over $300.00 Total, and free shipping on Kalispel gun cases (no price limit.)

Precision Reloading
— 10% off Berger, Hornady, Sierra, and Remington bullets (if you spend $100.00 or more). Limited to inventory in stock.
— 10% off ALL Norma brass.

Lock, Stock, & Barrel
— 20% off Federal Primers (phone sales only).
Call toll-free: 1-800-228-7925.

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