December 13th, 2008

Anschütz Laser Rifle Training System

It’s twelve days ’til Christmas, there’s snow on the ground and your rifles are packed away for the winter. How do you maintain that competitive edge through the slow winter months? The LaserPower training kit from Anschütz could be the answer. This is a complete system with a Laser-equiped rifle and a 5-target biathlon-style remote target station. “Shoot” the rifle, and if you aim correctly, green lights appear on the target station one by one after each shot. This is a set-up that both adult competitors and juniors can enjoy. If you’re looking for the “ultimate” Christmas gift for your kids, this might be it. The LaserPower rifle kit retails for $763.00 from According to Anschütz, the LaserPower unit is not restricted by any firearms law so it can be used with kids as young as six years old. No FFL is required for purchase.

Anschutz laserpower rifle trainer

The unit features a 4.8-lb, laser-equipped rifle, with adjustable iron sights, an ambidextrous (right-hand or left-hand) hardwood stock, and a two-stage model 5066 trigger. In weight and dimensions, the LaserPower rifle is ideal for junior shooters, though it has been used successfully by adult biathletes for training. Below are two videos. The first video shows how the LaserPower system is assembled and operated. The second video shows the LaserPower in use at a European Biathlon training tournament.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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