December 16th, 2008

K&M Tools Sold by

K&M Arbor PressIf you’ve been looking for the specialized reloading tools from K&M (Ken Markel), contact Precision Reloading, 1-800-223-0900, a catalog and online vendor located in Mitchell, South Dakota. Precision Reloading stocks the excellent K&M Arbor Press, which can measure bullet seating pressure with an optional Seating Force Gauge. K&M’s neck-turning tool (item KMMACN) is a favorite of serious reloaders, and the Primer Seating Tool with depth gauge (item KMPST975, below) is perhaps the most sophisticated device of its kind. This gives a positive read-out confirming that your primers are all seated to the same depth.

Bruno Shooters’ Supply also carries K&M products at very attractive prices. Shown below is the Neck-turning Tool with optional Pilot Jack, Carbide “doughnut-cutter” mandrel and indicator for neck-wall thickness.

K&M Neck-turning tool

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