December 11th, 2008

MINI-REVIEW: Dewey Crocogator Primer Pocket Cleaner.

There are many tools for cleaning the carbon out of primer pockets. We’ve tried most of them, and Dewey’s handy double-ended “Baby Crocogator” is our current favorite for normal carbon/primer residue removal. This Editor keeps one in the range box and one in the loading room. The Baby Croc will get your primer pockets clean without shaving brass or slightly enlarging the primer pocket. Priced at $5-$7 (depending on vendor), the Baby Croc cleans faster than metal brushes, and you’ll never have to worry about bent or broken bristles. It also seems to clean the edges of the primer pocket better than the wire brush tools. Some folks prefer to use primer-pocket uniforming tools (such as the carbide Whitetail Tool) for removing carbon. These tools work really well, but they are extremely sharp and you have to be careful not to shave brass while removing the carbon. Most serious primer pocket uniformers are also much more expensive than the Baby Croc, and only have one working end.

Dewey Crocogator Tool

The Baby Croc has cleaning tips on both ends — one for small primer pockets and the other for large pockets. The tool uses diamond shaped teeth to remove the carbon, without shaving brass. Made of hardened tool steel, Dewey’s Baby Crocogator will outlast a half-dozen wire brush tips. Order from ($6.50, item 55374), or Lock, Stock & Barrel ($5.10, item DWYCROC).

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