February 26th, 2009

SEB Rest Update — New Model in Development

SEB coaxial front rests are impressively engineered and beautifully machined. If you like a joystick-style rest, you won’t go wrong with a SEB. This editor shoots off one. Though the current SEB rest is nearly ideal for short-range benchrest, shooters have asked for an upgraded version that can handle heavier rifles (such as 22-lb, F-class guns), and wider fore-ends (up to 6″). Sebastian Lambang, creator of SEB rests, has been listening, and he’s hard at work perfecting a new “magnum” model that will work with big, heavy guns. It is hoped that the new model SEB rest will be available in summer 2009, but it’s “too early to know for sure”.

SEB Coaxial Front Rest

2009 Update: New SEB Rest in Research & Development
Report by Ernie Bishop, USA Dealer for SEB Products

Seb’s goal is to make a new rest using an enhanced design (but it will still be a coaxial-type rest with double-sided functionality). It will have quicker elevation adjustment. It will also go lower and taller at the lowest & tallest setting (from about 4″ to 9″ tall, or more), and should accept rifle stocks up to 6″ wide. Here’s the good news — the price should be less expensive too. The new rest will still feature twin posts, with coarse elevation adjusted by rack & pinion. The center-to-center (“CTC”) between the posts is about 10″, to be able to accept rifle stocks up to 6″ wide. Like the current SEB rests, the new rest can be set up for either right-hand & left-hand shooters.

The new rest should suit a broader set of disciplines — it will work for short range BR, F-class, long-range benchrest shooting, and varmint shooting, too. Unfortunately, because of the specifications/requirements, Seb must remove the “pivotal base system” and make the base in “T” shape. The base can be disassembled for easily for more compact storage. By design, the new model rest can accept a “Balance Weight System” (BWS) better than the standard SEB rest, because the weight (which is optional) would not interfere with the front elevation screw, the fore-end stopper, or the base. This is the reason that the new base will have be built with a “T” shape.

The “BWS” is basically a counterweight, simply a chunk of stainless steel, attached on the side opposite side of the joystick. It’s an inexpensive, optional item, available in different weights. With the “BWS”, the SEB rests could accept rifles as heavy as 30 kgs (66 lbs.), or even more. This should be able to be accomplished without holding the joystick. If the weight is correctly matched to the weight of the rifle), I suspect that the rest top & “BWS” combination would remain stationary under hard recoil.

Hopefully the new rest will cost less than the current model rest. Seb is trying to keep the price under $700. This should be possible because of changes to the design and materials. It will retain the same standard of smoothness and quality that Seb is known for.

SEB Coaxial RestFinally, Seb asks for your patience. He is still evaluating materials and is still experimenting to determine what will work best. Besides this, Seb is working on an updated front bag design as well. (There is also an improved fore-end stop in the works.) Once this new rest is ready, Seb will be shipping some to the States for testing. Personally, I can’t wait to see this new rest!

Ernie Bishop
306 West Flying Circle Drive
Gillette, WY 82716
(307) 257-7431
ernieemily [at] yahoo.com

For more information on SEB front rests visit www.sebcoax.com, or contact Ernie Bishop (address above). Ernie notes: “I have a shipment of 15 rests coming toward the beginning of March. Currently, I am out of stock, and have started a waiting list. The USA price for a SEB Rest (including one 2.25” OR 3” front bag ) is $725.00 plus shipping/handling. Please don’t get confused by the price that is listed on Seb’s website. That price is for customers in countries where there are no SEB dealers.

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