June 4th, 2009

Rimfire Benchrest Stock Sources

We often hear the question: “Where can I get a quality bench stock, with a wide, flat fore-end, for a rimfire action?” First, McMillan can inlet their popular Edge and Hunter benchrest stocks for rimfire actions such as the Hall, Rem 40X, and Turbo. Second, if you’re looking for a nice wood stock, contact Don Stith in Troutville, Virginia. Don’s St. Louis Plains Rifle Co. offers match-proven wide fore-end designs, inletted for most of the popular rimfire target actions: Anschutz 54, Hall, Remington 37, Remington 40X, Remington 540 or 580, Sako Finnfire, Suhl, Turbo, Ultralight, and Winchester 52. Stith also sells a rimfire sporter stock with a narrower fore-end. This is designed to meet the regulations of IR50/50 Sporter Class

Stith offers a variety of fancy woods, as well as colored laminates. Stock weight depends on your choice of wood. Butternut, Catalpa, and Sassafrass will weigh 1.5 to 1.75 pounds. Walnut and Curly Maple are 1.75 to 2.25 pounds and the laminates are approximately 2.5 pounds.

stith stocks

Stith “Class BR” rimfire stocks start at $220 for laminates, and $200 for solid wood, but fancy or highly figured woods can cost quite a bit more. Call Don for a quote. The popular “Predator” design (known for its great tracking) starts at $250.00. Don’s rimfire benchrest stocks are fully shaped, sanded to 120 grit, and inletted but no finish is done and they are shipped without buttplates.

stith stocks

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