October 14th, 2009

RUAG Teams with Florida Firm to Distribute Ammo in USA

RUAG Ammotec, one of Europe’s largest ammunition manufacturers, is teaming up with Florida-based Precision Ammunition LLC to distribute frangible ammunition and other products. In the past, RUAG has not seemed very interested in the US market, at least the American sport shooting market. That could change as RUAG works with Precision Ammo of Tampa, FL, which specializes in non-toxic, lead-free frangible ammo. Precision Ammunition, established in 2001, holds many patents for their Copper-Matrix NTF® Non-Toxic Frangible bullet.

RUAG’s primary goal in working with Precision Ammunition LLC is to grab a foothold in the lucrative military and law enforcement markets in the US. Cyril Kubelka, CEO of RUAG Ammotec, stated “[this alliance] establishes a US presence for the RUAG family of business to actively bid on US Government contracts.”

Florida’s Precision Ammunition LLC is best known for its Copper-Matrix NTF® Non-Toxic Frangible bullet. Copper-Matrix NTF is particularly well-suited for training law enforcement, military and security personnel, as well as being ideal for use in shooting ranges. “RUAG Ammotec and Precision Ammunition are a perfect fit for each other[.] The combination of innovative bullet design with large scale, high-quality component production reflects the increasing demand for non-toxic frangible ammunition”, added Kubelka of RUAG.

Ruag Ammotec ltd. catalogMore RUAG Products in the Pipeline?
Hopefully RUAG may use its new partnership (with Precision Ammunition) to expand distribution of its ammo and reloading components in the USA as well. RUAG Ammotec is the parent company of RWS, Rottweil, GECO, Norma and Hirtenberger. RUAG makes outstanding brass in many popular calibers, and the RWS brass is as good as it gets. It would be great to be able to purchase RUAG, RWS, and Hirtenberger products through regular commercial channels in the USA. Prior to the introduction of 6.5×47 Lapua, some American shooters tried to import RUAG 6×47 match brass on a “group buy” basis. All those efforts failed because RUAG demanded a minimum order in excess of 250,000 pieces, paid in advance.

RUAG Ammotec Ltd. has approximately 1,600 employees worldwide at production sites in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Sweden, and operates sales companies in Austria, the UK, Belgium and France. The Group’s holding company is based in Berne, Switzerland.

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