April 12th, 2010

Steyr .50 BMG and .460 Steyr Big Boomers on Sale in April

For many firearms owners, the answer to the question “Why own a .50 BMG?” is simply “because I can.” There is also a very active group of .50 BMG shooters who compete in long-range tournaments. At the 2009 Fifty Caliber Shooters Assn. National Championships, Lee Rasmussen shot an amazing 1.9557″ 5-shot group in Heavy Gun Class, breaking Skip Talbot’s 2.600″ single-group record set in 1999. That demonstrates the remarkable accuracy possible from .50-caliber firearms.

Steyr Knocks $1300 Off Price of HS .50 and HS .460
If you’re looking to acquire a .50 BMG, and don’t want to go the custom rifle route, Steyr Arms has a deal for you this month. Steyr Arms has drastically reduced the price of its big-bore, ultra-long-range HS .50 and HS .460 rifles to $3,995 for the entire month of April — or while supplies last. This promotional sale represents a savings of nearly 25 percent off the previous $5,299 price for HS .50 and HS .460 rifles. To learn more, visit www.SteyrArms.com, or call Steyr at (205) 655-8299.

Steyr HS .50 HS .460 rifle

Both the Steyr HS .50 and HS .460 rifles are single-shot bolt-actions, featuring 33″ fluted, free-floated barrels fitted with large, three-chamber muzzle brakes. The modular metal chassis allows easy disassembly for cleaning and transportation. Note how the +20 MOA scope rail is attached directly to the barrel block. This prevents loss of zero when the rifle is disassembled for transport or storage.

The .460 Steyr Chambering — Bigger than the .416 Barrett
While most of you are familiar with the legendary .50 BMG chambering, you may be curious about the “.460 Steyr”. This cartridge was developed by Steyr to provide superb ultra-long-range ballistics with less recoil than the .50 BMG. Like its .50 BMG big brother, the .460 Steyr can launch bullets that stay supersonic well past 1500 meters. The .460 Steyr was designed by Horst Grillmayer (Austria) in 2002, and the projectiles were designed by Guido Wasser (Switzerland). Production of rifle and cartridge started in 2004. The .460 Steyr was a way to offer an ultra-long range, sporting/sniper rifle and cartridge in juridictions which banned 50-caliber rifles. As with the .416 Barrett cartridge, the .460 Steyr cartridge was developed by shortening and necking down the .50 BMG case; however, the .460 Steyr is longer than the 416 Barrett. Loaded ammunition for the .460 Steyr is offered by Ammo-one.com, which provided the image below.

Steyr .460 rifle

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