October 30th, 2011

$1K Worth of Free Ammo with Purchase of .416 Barrett M82A1

Barrett m82a1 ammunition special

If you’ve been lusting for a serious, ultra-long-range big-bore tactical rifle, check out this special offer from Barrett Firearms. Purchase any Model 82A1 chambered for the .416 Barrett and get 200 rounds of ammunition from Barrett as a free extra. That’s right, get 200 rounds of .416 Barrett ammunition FREE with your purchase of any configuration Model 82A1 .416 rifle. The retail cost of 200 rounds of Barrett-Brand .416 ammo exceeds $1000.00.* That’s a nice incentive, but remember that a Barrett Model 82A1 rifle costs a jaw-dropping $8,900.00 without optics. CLICK HERE for Barrett Price List (PDF).

If you can afford it, the Model 82A1 in .416 Barrett is a great ultra-long range performer. The chambering is also legal in jurisdictions that ban the .50 BMG or other .50-caliber cartridges. To qualify for this free ammo deal, head to your local dealer and ask them to use Promo Code FILL20MAGS when purchasing directly from Barrett. That will entitle you to 200 rounds of .416 Barrett ammunition, with your new rifle. That ammo’s worth over a thousand bucks. Take a look at the size of the cartridge, and you’ll understand why .416 Barrett ammo is so pricey.

.416 Barrett Ammunition

*Barrett Brand .416 Barrett Ammunition: Item 41622 Hornady® 450gr BTHP, 10-Round Box, $60.00; Item 12770, Hornady 450gr BTHP, 100-Round Case, $590.00.

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