May 8th, 2010

LaRue Multi-Gun Tactical Match This Weekend in Texas

Larue tactical match TexasThe Cawthon Cartridge Club (Millican, TX) hosts the 2010 LaRue Tactical Multi-Gun Match this weekend, May 8-9. More than 220 shooters will compete in eight (8) stages of fire using pistol, rifle, and shotgun. This is action shooting, with lots of movement. Shooters negotiate obstacles, run to firing positions, and engage targets from multiple positions, often firing through ports or around barricades. Targets are placed at distances from a few yards (pistol) to 500 yards (rifle).

With stage names such as “House of Pain,” “Jungle Run,” and “Tunnel Rat,” this match will challenge the competitors’ shooting skills and physical abilities. With temperatures predicted to reach the 90s, competitors must battle the heat and the sometimes high winds as they run through stages and take long shots with their rifles. Pre-match favorites include Taran Butler, Kelly Neal, and Bennie Cooley, but there are many lesser-known shooters who could end up on the podium.

The video below shows Stage 8 from the 2009 LaRue 3-Gun Match, held at the Tiger Valley Tactical Institute range near Waco, TX.

YouTube Preview Image

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