July 16th, 2010

Got Your Stinger Missile Box Yet?

stinger missile gun caseLast month, we ran a story explaining how surplus aluminum Stinger missile transport boxes can be modified to hold two long-barreled match rifles side-by-side. We have received many emails concerning the Stinger missile box conversions. People wanted to know where they could purchase the Stinger boxes commercially. Folks also asked about shipping costs and weights.

On the outside, the Stinger missile transport boxes measure roughly 66″ x 12″ x 13″. Usable inside length is just under 62″. That’s nearly a foot longer than a typical long-range benchrest rifle with 30″ barrel — so you have plenty of clearance. As received from Uncle Sam, with hard foam internal cradles, the boxes weigh about 53 pounds. The boxes are watertight and are fitted with air relief valves, but they do not have key-locks. However, it is pretty easy to retrofit a hasp lock for security.

stinger missile gun case

Stinger Missile Boxes $199.97 at SportsmansGuide.com
The Sportsman’s Guide is now selling the Stinger boxes for $199.97 plus shipping. These durable containers weigh a hefty 53 pounds shipped so there is a $5.00 “heavy product” surcharge in addition to regular shipping and handling fees. If you are a member of Sportsmans’ Guide’s “Buyers Club”, you can save money. Buyer’s Club price is listed at $179.97 plus shipping. If you’re doing a search on the Sportsman’s Guide website, these boxes are listed as “U.S. Military Aluminum Container”, item number WX2-157199.

Forum Member Stinger Box Offer
Paul Scott, one of our Shooters’ Forum members, acquired many of these Stinger cases a while back. He still has a half-dozen or so for sale at $175.00 plus shipping. These are the same type U.S. Army surplus missile boxes that Sportsman’s Guide is selling. The dimensions and features are identical, they’re just a bit cheaper. Paul charges actual UPS shipping, which should run from $30-$50 depending on far you are from Paul’s Texas home. To order, email pscott [at] pegasustexas.com.

It is very easy to add wheels to a Stinger Box. Start by sliding a solid axle through the horizontal “bumper” on one end. Add spacers, wheels, cotter pins and … Voilà, you have a wheeled double-gun transporter. Shown below is Paul Scott’s wheeled Stinger box: “The wife found a old hand truck dolly with 10″ no-flat wheels. Put the axle through the aft bottom bumper and secured it with 1/2″ pipe clamps. The spacer is 1/2″ irrigation pipe cut to fit and adapted for cotter pins. The 10″ wheels are perfect to fit in the box.”

Stinger box with wheels

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