August 20th, 2010

New, Affordable V-Stix Coated Cleaning Rods at

Bore-Tech has released a new line of coated cleaning rods. Bore-Tech’s new V-STIX cleaning rods feature a free-floating ball-bearing handle, a durable, long-lasting shaft coating, and steel cores that resist bending and bowing. Priced at about $28.00 each, the rods are affordable, and we like the handle shape, and the fact that the handles are different colors for different calibers. Right now carries V-STIX rods in multiple lengths, and three rifle bore sizes: 17-20 caliber, 22-26 caliber, and 27-50 Caliber. For a long-barreled 6mm bolt gun, we recommend the 40″ or 44″ V-STIX. These V-STIX are $3-4 cheaper less than Dewey rods, and the V-STIX are way less expensive than Pro Shot rods.

Bore-Tech Vstix cleaning rods

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