June 7th, 2007

New Quality Hand-Crafted Cleaning Rods

Forum member Robert S. recently acquired one of the new Denny Phillips cleaning rods to use for his 22-caliber rifle. We’ve noticed that many of the rods sold for 22s and 20s are very flexy and can easily take a “set” or slight bend in the middle. A bent rod can drag on the rifling. You don’t have to worry about that with the Phillips rod according to Robert.

Robert says he is very impressed with the Phillips rod: “It’s nice and stiff, straight, and very well polished. I’ve really grown to like these nice slim handles and this one also turns very easily. It almost makes me want to clean my .22–well, not really.” Denny is charging $30.00 plus actual shipping for these rods. That’s cheaper than many of the commercial brands. You can contact Denny via email: denphillips2 at earthlink dot net.

Rod-maker Phillips reports: “Lengths over 44″ are additional. The stock that I have right now is the .156, .1875, .1925, and .2035. I can put 8-32 threads in everything but the .156, it has to have 5-40. The .187 stuff is what is hot right now. I am working on some harder stuff than what I have, but that will be later on. If you would like to order, let me know the length, diameter, and rod end you want (threads or jag).”

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