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June 26th, 2007

Brownell's Acquires Sinclair International

Dateline: Montezuma, Iowa–6/26/2007
Late Breaking story–Today Frank Brownell confirmed that Brownell’s is acquiring the business and all the assets of Sinclair International, one of the leading vendors for the precision shooting market. More than a catalog and online retailer, Sinclair designs and manufactures many of its own specialty reloading products. Sinclair Int’l will function as a separate entity of Brownells, and Bill Gravatt will continue as the President of Sinclair Int’l. Sinclair will maintain its facilities and operations in Indiana, and will continue to sell its full product line as a Brownells-owned enterprise.

Here is the official press release:

Brownells® Purchases Sinclair International
Brownells, the World’s Largest Supplier of Firearms Accessories and Gunsmithing Tools, is extremely pleased and proud to announce the acquisition of Sinclair International, Inc. Sinclair International is one of the most respected manufacturers and suppliers of high quality reloading tools and shooting accessories in the world. Sinclair International, located in Indiana, is in its 22nd year and provides products to customers around the world. Brownells, operating out of Iowa, is in its 68th year and also supplies customers world-wide.

Brownells acquires Sinclair International

The joining of these two highly-respected companies brings to the firearms world the top-quality selection of the very best products, the exceptional personal customer service and the absolute guarantee of customer satisfaction their customers expect. ‘It was a very natural decision,’ said Frank Brownell, President of Brownells, ‘for us to join with another very successful, highly regarded company with the same values, the same care and concern for their customers and the same quality and service standards we hold dear.’ Bill Gravatt, president of Sinclair remarked that, ‘With Brownells Sinclair will continue providing the very best products available, and will strengthen our product line for shooters of all disciplines. I’m extremely excited about the future for both companies.’

Sinclair International will function as a separate entity of Brownells, and Bill Gravatt, will continue as the President of Sinclair International. The focus of Sinclair International will continue to be on providing high-quality products to their customers along with exceptional, personal customer service. For more information, please contact Larry Weeks at (641) 623-5401 or or Bill Gravatt at (260) 493-1858 or”

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June 26th, 2007

Shooting Sports More Popular Than Tennis, Softball, and Mountain Biking

Well folks, we don’t have to be shy about being shooting enthusiasts–you can join the crowd. A recent 3-year study shows shooting sports, including handgun, rifle, and shotgun disciplines, are more popular than many other highly advertised and promoted outdoor sports.

Photos courtesy NSSF

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) commissioned a long-term study by American Sports Data (ASD), a consumer research firm for the sporting goods, fitness and health club industries. Statistics gathered over the past three years show that target shooting–with rifle, handgun and shotgun–is actually more popular than many pastimes historically considered mainstays of warm-season recreation.

In fact, participation in shooting sports tops tennis, softball, jet skiing, water skiing, mountain biking, most team sports and virtually all of the technical sports like rock climbing and kayaking, according to the most recent numbers from ASD. ASD has tracked rifle and shotgun shooting participation for many years, and began tracking handgun target shooting in 2003.

ASD research shows more than 18 million Americans enjoy the shooting sports. In a 2006 survey commissioned by NSSF, 17 percent of Americans, or about 50 million people, said they had been shooting with a rifle in the past two years. Fifteen percent went target shooting with a handgun and eight percent with a shotgun.

In overall numbers, California is No. 1 with over 2.1 million shooters, including the most rifle, handgun and shotgun shooters of any state. Texas, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio follow. Per capita, ASD shows Idaho as the most avid shooting state (18 of every 100 people participate), followed by Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Arkansas.

For more info on the ASD survey, visit the NSSF web site, The NSSF also offers an interactive database showing shooting ranges and clubs nationwide (See AccurateShooter Bulletin, March 18, 2007).

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