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June 8th, 2007

'Varmint Silhouette' — The Rifles of Pala

We’ve given our readers a double dose of Tactical this week (see our latest Feature STORY), so it’s time to showcase some shiny, long-barreled rifles with wicked paint jobs.

Pala Silhouette Rifles

Pala guns are purpose built for one task–knockin’ down steel critters at 200 to 600 yards with Extreme Accuracy. Pala, an Indian Reservation in So. California, has a monthly match that atracts serious marksmen from throughout the state. You shoot four types of targets, each at a particular distance. The targets increase in size the further out you go.

Pala Silhouette Rifle Targets

Click HERE for GIANT SIZE Range Photo.

There are a wide variety of rifles, but typically you see a BR-style rifle, with a heavy, 28-30″ barrel, often using a muzzle brake. The brake definitely helps you spot your hits by reducing muzzle jump. You need a very accurate chambering, so you’ll see 6BRs, Dashers, 6-284s, 6.5-284s, and a few 6mm Remingtons. Our friend John Adams has tried a 22-6.5×47 at Pala along with his own .243 wildcats. This long-range silhouette game is great fun (and you can go gamble at the Casino when you’re done). Here are some Pala rigs on the line. Note how the shooters have fabricated platforms to raise their front rests:

Pala Silhouette Rifles

The Berger Bullets crew–Eric Stecker, Shawn McKenna, and Michelle Gallagher recently attended the Pala Match. Eric reports: “You would think that shooting silhouettes using rests and scopes would be easy but it was quite a challenge since the wind direction and velocity changes could easily push your bullet off the small varmint silhouette targets. You really had to stay on top of the changes to get hits each time. The high score of the day was an impressive 48 out of 50. (For the record we were not at the top of the list as this type of shooting is harder than it may seem but I did beat Shawn and Michelle…teehee).” Nice shooting Eric (Shawn took second place, F-TR Class, at the 2006 Nationals).

A while back we did a feature story on a husband/wife team who shoot at Pala. Click HERE to read the story. It has some nice photos of the range taken by John Adams, and it even includes Katy’s famous guacamole recipe!

pala shooting range Temecula CA

For more info on shooting at Pala, visit Ramshooter’s Website (nice rifle photos), and the North County Shootist Assn. site.

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June 8th, 2007

Remington Changes Leadership as Bushmaster Execs Take Control

Remington Arms Management change

When we announced, in this Bulletin, that Cerberus Capital Management, a multi-billion-dollar holding company, acquired Remington Arms, we predicted there would be shake-ups in management, plus a re-vamping of the product lines with increased emphasis on military and “tactical” markets. Cerberus also owns Bushmaster Firearms and we predicted there would be a merging of the two companies’ operations. Well it looks like all that is coming to pass. Among other things, Bushmaster’s former CEO is now President of Remington’s Firearms Operations, and Scott Blackwell, former Bushmaster President, will now direct Remington’s Sales and Marketing efforts. Expect to see a Remington-brand AR15 in the near future.

Tommy Millner, Remington’s CEO, announced a major executive re-shuffling today, with Bushmaster execs moving into major decision-making roles at Remington. Paul Miller, former Board Chairman at Bushmaster Firearms, has been named Remington’s new Chairman of the Board. Mr. Miller served most recently as the Chairman of the Board of Bushmaster Firearms, and before that, he held executive leadership positions in the defense industry. John DeSantis has been named President, Firearms Operations. Mr. DeSantis was the Chief Executive Officer of Bushmaster Firearms. In his new duties, Mr. DeSantis will oversee all manufacturing facilities as well as all R&D activities within Remington’s firearms business. Scott Blackwell, who was Bushmaster’s President, will become Remington’s new President for Sales and Marketing. In that role, Blackwell with oversee all sales and marketing operations for Remington, worldwide.

FN m15 Remington

What does this all mean? As we predicted, Remington is very much intent on becoming a “Black Rifle” company, not just a hunting rifle supplier. No doubt Cerberus’ long-term plans include pushing aggressively for military arms contracts. By putting Bushmaster execs in the “drivers seat”, Cerberus is sending a clear message that it is betting on military-style rifles to boost Remington’s bottom line. The Board of Directors at Colt and FN Mfg., current suppliers of M16s for the U.S. Military, are probably feeling a little nervous right now.

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