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June 12th, 2007

Berger 108gr Shines in Early Testing

Berger Bullets has issued three new prototype non-VLD 6mm bullets for testing, in 105, 107, and 108 grain weights. Initial results are promising to say the least, particularly with the 108s. Here’s a photo of all three by Wm. Roscoe.

Berger bullets 6mm

Danny Reever reports: “Here’s the best group I shot today with the Prototype Berger 108 grain BT at 500 meters (547 yards). The group measured a fantastic .870 inch! The worst group I shot today with the same bullet measured 1.752 inch which is none too shabby either.”

Danny adds: “I do think this new bullet is a winner. All the bullets shot well for me, but the 108 was hands down the best performer. I had the chance to test the new lot #591 105gr VLD since Eric polished the die out and it shot very well also. Best group being a 1.544″ @ 500 meters which was shot in a 5-15 MPH wind. I’m now anxious to find out which bullet they will select for production. If it’s the 108 I’m going to order 3000 right from the get-go. That’s how impressed I am with that bullet!” Danny’s load was Berger 108, .015″ into the lands, neck-turned Lapua 6mmBR brass, CCI450 primer, 30.5 grains of Varget (the usual disclaimer applies here).

Bob Woodward (Matsubob) agrees: “Here is a group I shot with a 6mm Grendel on an AR15 space gun at 200 meters (8-twist Whitley upper). Very good group for an over-the-course national match rifle.”

What’s the secret to the accuracy of the 108s? It looks like Berger is pointing up nice, consistent meplats. But it appears the 108 has a shorter boat-tail than the 105 or 107 prototype. We should add that the 107s are shooting well too. William Roscoe got promising results with the 107s. Holding dead center (no wind correction), five of the new 107s went into .614″ vertical at 330 yards. More Details.

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June 12th, 2007

Phillips' World Record Rifle for Sale

Sadly, James Phillips (JamesinTN) has decided to get out of competitive long-range benchrest shooting. He’s told us that travel costs (gas/motel) have just gotten too high, and the process has become too much work, and too little fun. James’ decision means that you can purchase a world-record rifle for a bargain price. James actually has three rifles for sale. You can see them all in this Forum Classified Listing.

Rifle 1 — 22 Dasher & 6 Dasher–World Record Gun
This rifle earned James 3 World Records and is capable of earning more. Rem 40X action, Shehane stock, Jewell trigger. Mulitple barrels come with the gun: Hart 8-Twist 22 Dasher (world record barrel); Hart 8-Twist chambered in 22 Dasher, less than 200 rounds; Krieger 7.5-Twist chambered in 6 Dasher (for Tubb 115s) less than 300 rounds; Krieger 8.5-Twist chambered in 6 Dasher less than 400 rounds; 9-Twist Chambered in 6 Dasher for 108 BIBs less than 200 rounds. The bolt has had the firing pin turned and bushed. There is also a brand new, spare bolt with magnum bolt face. Total of FIVE (5) barrels chambered for this action. Price is $3000.00 (without scope) plus shipping. Add $1000.00 for the NightForce 8-32x Benchrest Scope and rings.

Rifle 2 — 7500 Lawton Dasher/6mmBR
Next is a nearly brand new Lawton 7500 dual port (Jewell trigger) with RBLP right eject, SS action for Dasher case, in a Shehane stock. One-piece, +15 MOA base. Three barrels come with the rifle: 1) Krieger 8.5-Twist, chambered in 6 Dasher (.268), less than 200 rounds; 2) Hart 8-Twist 6mmBR rechambered from a 6 Dasher, less than 500 rounds and has a brake; 3) Hart 1.250 dia. 6mm 12-Twist–brand new, unfired, unchambered. 6mm Dasher brass comes with this rifle but no reloading dies as they will be going with the 40x. Price is 3000.00 w/o scope or 4000.00 with NF 8-32BR and rings

Rifle 3 — .243 AI, 22 Dasher
The third rifle is a Winchester SA Trued by Dave Tooley, with a bushed firing pin. Shehane stock bedded by Mike Bryant, Jewell Trigger. It comes with two barrels (.243 AI, 22 Dasher) both with less than 500 rounds and brass. The .243 AI comes with Redding Comp series dies and a Tooley FL neck die. Price is 1600.00 w/o scope or 2600.00 with Nighforce 12-42x BR scope and rings.

NOTE: James will NOT sell the scopes separately until the rifles are sold.

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