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June 23rd, 2007

SITE NEWS: Message Board Upgrades

Our AccurateShooter Forum is a cornerstone of this website, attracting over 5,500 visitors per day, and generating nearly 700,000 page-views per month. For the past two years we offered the Forum in two formats–a standard format that fit within the same, general layout of the editorial pages, and a “full-screen” format that dispensed with the navigation buttons on left and top in the interest of providing more “real estate” for the readers.

We found that, once users became familiar with the Forum they almost universally preferred to use the wide layout version of the forum. This reduced the need to scroll around, and it also allowed you to view large photos better. In light of this user preference, we have now officially switched over to an “all-wide, all the time” Forum format.

In addition we’ve added some significant upgrades. A Forum FAQ + HELP section was added today. In addition, we have added a very powerful poll module. This allows us to run multiple, photo-illustrated surveys at the same time. The polls are set to randomly rotate each time the main forum page is refreshed. The ability to provide photos of products and allow users to voice their preferences should yield some fascinating results. At right (above) you see one of six polls actively running on the forum. Below is a screen shot of the new Forum displayed at nearly full extension on a 19″ monitor. As you can see, there’s lots of room. Hopefully readers will value this upgrade and the change will demonstrate that “bigger is better” when it comes to web pages.

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June 23rd, 2007

Berger Selects 108gr 6mm for Production

Over the past few weeks, Berger Bullets has been evaluating three new tangent ogive (non-VLD) bullets, in 105, 107, and 108 grain weights. Berger sent samples to many top shooters, including Forum members Danny Reever, James Phillips, and Wm. Roscoe. The 107s shot the best for James (see Test Results), but Danny and many other shooters reported great results with the 108s, which seems to have a slightly shorter boat-tail than the other two prototypes. Here’s one of Danny’s targets, shot with an 8-twist 6BR with a .104″ freebore:

Yesterday, Michelle Gallagher of Berger announced that the 108-grainer had been selected as the design that will go into production. The 108s will start rolling off the bullet presses for general consumption very soon. The specs on the 108gr Berger are: 1.225″ OAL, .712″ base to ogive, .533″ bearing surface length, and 108.08 grains average weight (Measured with Acculab MXX-123).

Why is Berger bringing out this new bullet when the existing 105 VLD shoots so well? A tangent ogive bullet is generally considered to work well jumped (i.e. seated away from the lands), whereas secant-ogive VLDs typically (but not always) prefer to be seated in the lands. This new bullet should offer optimal performance for shooters who prefer to jump their bullets. Berger’s Eric Stecker has explained: “All VLD bullets (any brand) are made using a secant ogive. This results in a more abrupt transition into the ogive radius as compared to a tangent ogive (non-VLD of any brand). This abrupt transition on the secant ogive (VLD) bullets means that the ogive contacts the lead angle differently than a tangent ogive (non-VLD) will.”

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