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June 3rd, 2007

Laminate your Data Card

Gun journalist and three-gun match competitor Zak Smith employs a simple, handy means to store come-up data on ones rifle in the field–a laminated data card. First generate a come-up table, using one of the free online ballistics programs such as JBM Ballistics. You can also put the information in an Excel spreadsheet or MS Word table and print it out. You want to keep it pretty small.

Below is a sample of a data card. For each distance, the card includes drop in inches, drop in MOA, drop in mils. It also shows drift for a 10-mph cross wind, expressed three ways–inches, MOA, and mils. Zak explained that “to save space… I printed data every 50 yards. For an actual data-card, I recommend printing data every 20 or 25 yards.” But Zak also advised that you’ll want to customize the card format to keep things simple: “The sample card has multiple sets of data to be more universal. But if you make your own data card, you can reduce the chance of a mistake by keeping it simple. Because I use scopes with MILS, my own card (bottom photo) just has three items: range, wind, drop in MILS only.”

Once you have the card you can fold it in half and then have it laminated at a local office store or Kinko’s. You can keep this in your pocket, tape it to your stock, or do as Zak does, and tie the laminated card to his rifle (see photo below). One thing to keep in mind is that both bullet drop and wind drift can change with altitude and ambient temperature. If you regularly shoot at both low and high altitudes, you may want to create multiple cards. To learn more about ballistic tables and data cards, check out the excellent “Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting–Part 1″ article on Zak’s website. This article offers many other insights as well–including valuable tips on caliber and rifle selection.

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June 3rd, 2007

Wolf (Russian) Primers at Wideners

If you’ve been looking for the Russian primers, Wideners has them right now at very attractive prices. These primers have given extremely low ES/SD with many popular powders including Varget. The small rifle primers (Wolf WFSR, item 647) are $18.50 per 1000 or $87.00 for 5000 ($17.40 per 1000). Large rifle primers (Wolf , WLR, item 655) are slightly more: $19.00 per 1000 or $89.00 per 5000. Many of the top across the course shooters have had very good luck with these. When Jackie Schmidt tested some a year and a half ago for our joint 6BR/Railgun project, however, he found a few per box that seated deep in the pocket–so you may want to watch your primer seating depths carefully at first.

Wolf Russian primers

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