June 3rd, 2007

Wolf (Russian) Primers at Wideners

If you’ve been looking for the Russian primers, Wideners has them right now at very attractive prices. These primers have given extremely low ES/SD with many popular powders including Varget. The small rifle primers (Wolf WFSR, item 647) are $18.50 per 1000 or $87.00 for 5000 ($17.40 per 1000). Large rifle primers (Wolf , WLR, item 655) are slightly more: $19.00 per 1000 or $89.00 per 5000. Many of the top across the course shooters have had very good luck with these. When Jackie Schmidt tested some a year and a half ago for our joint 6BR/Railgun project, however, he found a few per box that seated deep in the pocket–so you may want to watch your primer seating depths carefully at first.

Wolf Russian primers

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