February 2nd, 2009

Sources for Wolf Primers — Inventories Selling Out

Wolf Russian-made primers have proven very popular with High Power and long-range shooters. Many top shooters have found that the Russian primers deliver extremely low Extreme Spread (ES) and Standard Deviation (SD), when used with the popular Hodgdon and Alliant powders, such as H4831sc for the .284 Win and Reloder 15 for the 6BR. Note that, for the 6BR and 6-6.5×47, you want to use the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers, rather than Wolf’s standard small rifle primers. The Small Rifle Magnum primers have harder cups and work better.

Since demand for all reloading components is very high right now, Wolf primers can be hard to find. Nearly everyone is sold out, but check with Wideners.com. Here is the status of Wolf Primer inventories at popular vendors:

Bruno Shooters Supply: Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers (250 1K boxes in stock) as of 2/7/2009. Ask Amy or Lester — You won’t find these on the website yet.

Wideners.com: Wolf Small Rifle (313 1K boxes in stock), Wolf Small Rifle Magnum (88 1K boxes in stock), Wolf Large Rifle (Out of Stock), Wolf Large Rifle Magnum (544 1K boxes in stock.) UPDATE: Small Rifle Magnums out of stock as of 2/6/2009

Grafs.com: Small Rifle Magnum, in stock, but very limited supply, item WONCSRMB, $23.59 per 1K box. Large Rifle and Large Rifle Magnum out of stock.

PowderValleyInc.com: Most Wolf primers out of stock. Wolf Small Rifle (Standard) and Wolf Large Rifle (Standard) expected 2/28/2009.

MidwayUSA.com: Everything out of stock. No backorders. New supplies expected 3/25/2009 (small rifle) and 7/22/2009 (Large Rifle).

Wolf Primers

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