February 7th, 2009

Bruno's Has Wolf Small Rifle Magnum Primers

READ THIS!! 4/1/2009 UPDATE: Bruno’s Wolf primers are sold out. Call for current availability of any primers.

Amy at Bruno Shooters Supply let us know that she just received 250,000 Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers (i.e. 250 1K boxes). These are the Russian-made primers that work well in the 6BR and 6-6.5×47 cases. Note, the magnum version of the Wolf small rifle primer is much preferrable to the standard Wolf small rifle primer which has a fairly soft cup. Price is $23.50 per 1000-ct box.

Bruno Shooters Supply: Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers (250 1K boxes in stock) as of 2/7/2009. Ask Amy or Lester — You won’t find these on the website yet.

Wolf primers

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