July 15th, 2015

From Russia with Love — Kirsten Tests SCATT Training System

Kirsten Joy Weiss SCATT MX-02 Video Trainer demo electronic trace target live fire dry firing

“SCATT” — if you’re an Olympic Class air rifle or smallbore competitor you know what SCATT means. The Russian-made SCATT is a marksmanship training system with an electro-optical sensor that fits on the end of a barrel. The sensor “sees” the target and then tracks your muzzle movement relative to the center of the target, recording a “trace” that can be displayed on a computer. The latest SCATT MX-02 unit works for live-fire training as well as dry-fire training. To learn more about the SCATT electronic trainers, visit SCATTUSA.com.

Pro shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss demonstrates the SCATT MX-02 electronic training system:

The system traces and records valuable information such as hold pattern, shot hold duration, follow-through, recoil pattern, and much more. The latest SCATT MX-02 systems can be used both indoors and outdoors up to 300 meters (and possibly more). READ FULL SCATT MX-02 TEST HERE.

SCATT traces reveal muzzle movements during the aiming process.
Kirsten Joy Weiss SCATT MX-02 Review Video Electronic Trainging system test

Kirsten Joy Weiss, a top-level competitive position shooter, has tested the latest SCATT MX-02 training systtem. She put the MX-02 through its paces, and then produced an informative video that shows how it works. Click on the video above to see Kirsten use the MX-02 with her Anschütz rifle and other guns.

Kirsten Joy Weiss SCATT MX-02 Video Trainer demo electronic trace target live fire dry firing

Kirsten was impressed with the SCATT MX-02 she tested:

“We live with tech woven into our every day, so if you had the chance to work with a computer to make you a better shooter — would you? Can a computer train you as well as your favorite coach or, dare to say, better than a human?”

Weiss says it’s like having a little coach with you recording your every move. “If R2D2 had a cousin who knew how to shoot,” Weiss quips, “his name would be the MX-02″.

The SCATT MX-02 can also be used with target pistols.
Kirsten Joy Weiss SCATT MX-02 Video Trainer demo electronic trace target live fire dry firing

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January 24th, 2014

Russian Revolution — A Thoroughly Upgraded Mosin Nagant

One of the most popular features of our Shooters’ Forum is the Official ‘Pride & Joy’ Rifle thread. There you’ll find dozens of interesting rifles, with photos and descriptions supplied by proud owners. Yesterday, one of the more interesting ‘Pride & Joy’ rifles appeared. This was a “senior citizen” — a 72-year-old Russian Mosin-Nagant bolt gun. But this is not like any Mosin Nagant you’ve ever seen before. It has been brought into the 21st Century with a handsome target stock and some first-class upgrades, including Lothar Walther barrel and Timney trigger. Here’s a look at a very nice Russian rifle, belonging to Forum member Ben C. (aka “Grimstod”):

CLICK TO See Full-Screen Photo:

Video Shows Rifle Shooting Sub-Half-MOA from Bipod (in the Snow):

Name of rifle: Smyert Mk3 (Modified Mosin Nagant)
Make: Izhmekh/Izhevsk (“Izzy”) High Wall
Model: 91/30 | Year: 1942

Components and Specifications:

Barrel: Lothar Walther 26″
Contour: 1.18″ straight
Chambering: 7.62x54R, .310 bore
Stock: Bluegrass Tactical (Gen 1 & 2)
Trigger: Timney with Bluegrass trigger shoe
Magazine: Finnish No-Jam magazine
Scope mount: Rock Solid (looks like an action sleeve)
Scope: SWFA 20x42mm MRAD
Gunsmith: Sheppard
Bolt handle: Rock Solid with Surgeon tactical handle
Bipod: Versa Pod
Total Weight: 18.6 lbs

Grimstod’s Moisin Nagant Custom Shoots Under 0.5 MOA From Bipod
Even in harsh winter conditions, the rifle shot well. (I guess we should expect that for a Russian gun). The photo below shows a group shot from bipod. (The video shows Grimstod’s snow-bound range session). Grimstod calculated the group at 0.394 MOA measuring from outside edge to edge. Using our On-Target software, which measures center to center of most distant shots, we came up with 0.428 MOA. Still that’s impressive for an ancient action being shot in the dead of winter with snow falling. To learn more about this rifle (and view photos of the build process), visit the SurplusRifleForum.com.

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October 17th, 2013

Wolf Rifle and Pistol Primers in Stock at Wideners.com

Need Primers? Wideners.com has received a large shipment of Wolf Primers. Made in Russia, Wolf primers have worked well for many shooters. In many cartridge types Wolf primers have shown very good accuracy, and competitively low ES and SD. You should read our Shooters’ Forum threads about Wolf Primers to see if they would be a good option for you. We have generally heard positive feedback, with a few comments that Wolf primers may require a little more force to be seated properly, when compared to domestic-made primers. Current inventories are shown below.

wideners wolf tula russian primers small rifle large rifle in stock

Wolf Primers at Wideners.com (All In Stock as of 10/17/2013 at 10:00 am ET)

Prices do NOT include shipping and HazMat fees. Wideners says that up to 50,000 primers primers (That’s 10, 5000-count boxes) can go with one hazmat tag.

NOTE: Some shooters prefer the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers over the standard Wolf Small Rifle Primers because the cups are harder on the SR Magnum versions. Wideners does NOT currently have the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers in stock.

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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July 9th, 2009

Lapua Brass Arrives at Vendors. Berger 105 VLDs at Bruno's.

Lapua Cartridge BrassLarge quantities of Lapua brass, for most of the popular cartridge types, have recently arrived at many vendors including Bruno Shooters Supply, Graf & Sons, and MidwayUSA.

Bruno’s has almost all types of Lapua brass in stock and here are some sample prices: 6mmBR brass for $63.00/100; .308 Win for $55.00/100; 220 Russian for $74.00/100; 6.5×47 for $85.00/100. Note — if you’re thinking about building a tactical rifle, the 6.5×55 brass is just $55 per hundred (same price as .308 Win, but much cheaper than 6.5×47).

Bruno’s also has received large supplies of Berger 6mm 105gr VLD bullets. These have been out of stock for several months. Call (623) 587-7641 for pricing.

Grafs.com has Lapua 6mmBR brass for $69.59/100, 220 Russian for $79.99/100, and 6.5×47 brass for $91.99/100, but those prices include shipping. Grafs has most other varieties of Lapua brass in stock, including 222 Rem, 223 Rem, 243 Win, 6.5×55, 6.5-284, .308 Win, and 338 Lapua Mag.

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February 7th, 2009

Bruno's Has Wolf Small Rifle Magnum Primers

READ THIS!! 4/1/2009 UPDATE: Bruno’s Wolf primers are sold out. Call for current availability of any primers.

Amy at Bruno Shooters Supply let us know that she just received 250,000 Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers (i.e. 250 1K boxes). These are the Russian-made primers that work well in the 6BR and 6-6.5×47 cases. Note, the magnum version of the Wolf small rifle primer is much preferrable to the standard Wolf small rifle primer which has a fairly soft cup. Price is $23.50 per 1000-ct box.

Bruno Shooters Supply: Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers (250 1K boxes in stock) as of 2/7/2009. Ask Amy or Lester — You won’t find these on the website yet.

Wolf primers

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February 2nd, 2009

Sources for Wolf Primers — Inventories Selling Out

Wolf Russian-made primers have proven very popular with High Power and long-range shooters. Many top shooters have found that the Russian primers deliver extremely low Extreme Spread (ES) and Standard Deviation (SD), when used with the popular Hodgdon and Alliant powders, such as H4831sc for the .284 Win and Reloder 15 for the 6BR. Note that, for the 6BR and 6-6.5×47, you want to use the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers, rather than Wolf’s standard small rifle primers. The Small Rifle Magnum primers have harder cups and work better.

Since demand for all reloading components is very high right now, Wolf primers can be hard to find. Nearly everyone is sold out, but check with Wideners.com. Here is the status of Wolf Primer inventories at popular vendors:

Bruno Shooters Supply: Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers (250 1K boxes in stock) as of 2/7/2009. Ask Amy or Lester — You won’t find these on the website yet.

Wideners.com: Wolf Small Rifle (313 1K boxes in stock), Wolf Small Rifle Magnum (88 1K boxes in stock), Wolf Large Rifle (Out of Stock), Wolf Large Rifle Magnum (544 1K boxes in stock.) UPDATE: Small Rifle Magnums out of stock as of 2/6/2009

Grafs.com: Small Rifle Magnum, in stock, but very limited supply, item WONCSRMB, $23.59 per 1K box. Large Rifle and Large Rifle Magnum out of stock.

PowderValleyInc.com: Most Wolf primers out of stock. Wolf Small Rifle (Standard) and Wolf Large Rifle (Standard) expected 2/28/2009.

MidwayUSA.com: Everything out of stock. No backorders. New supplies expected 3/25/2009 (small rifle) and 7/22/2009 (Large Rifle).

Wolf Primers

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