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June 30th, 2007

Williamsport 1000-Yard World Open July 14-15

If you want to test your long-range shooting skills against some of the best shooters in the country (including our own Jason Baney), head to Pennsylvania in two weeks for the Williamsport World Open. Shooters will compete in Light Gun and Heavy Gun classes for a host of prizes including scopes, actions, and barrels. Sponsors include Nightforce Scopes, BAT Machine, and Bartlein, Hart, and Krieger barrel-makers, among many others. In addition, the Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Club will give $1000.00 CASH to anyone breaking the 3.151″ Ten (10) Shot Heavy Benchrest Class World Record during this event. Also for 2007, this will apply as well to anyone breaking the 3.835″ Light Gun group record.

Williamsport 1000-yard club World Open

Last year Jason won the Heavy Gun championship shooting his 16-lb 6BR with Reloader 15 and Clinch River 106s. That was an amazing accomplishment considering he was competing against 60- and 70-pound guns driving ultra-high BC bullets with “big boomer” cartridges. The schedule of events will be: Saturday Morning – Light Gun Match One; Saturday Afternoon – Heavy Gun Match One; Sunday Morning – Heavy Gun Match Two; Sunday Afternoon – Light Gun Match Two. Complete Event info, including Course of Fire, Rules, and a list of nearby motels, is found on the World Open Webpage, or contact Matt Dienes, 724-479-0790.

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June 30th, 2007

Ricochet Danger Shown in Video

If you have ever done much action pistol shooting at close range on steel targets, you’ll know about the hazards of ricochets and bullet splashback. That’s why you should only shoot low-velocity rounds with soft lead or frangible bullets when shooting at relatively close range. In this video a rather ignorant (yet lucky) fellow demonstrates what NOT to do with a large-caliber rifle (a 50 BMG apparently). He shoots at a steel target about 70 yards away and a bullet fragment comes back directly at him. He was lucky enough that the ricochet just smacked his left ear muff. Another inch to the right and he could have lost his eye… or worse.

Click HERE to WATCH Video (LiveLeak)
ricochet gun Video.
The video should be self-starting if you have the Flash plug-in.

Lesson learned–never underestimate the destructive power of rifle-launched projectiles. What appears a “safe distance” from steel may actually be well within the danger zone.

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June 30th, 2007

Shop Vise Now at Huge Savings

Brownell's Multi-ViseThis deal is almost too good to be true. MidwayUSA is currently offering its Wheeler Engineering Rotating Shop Vise (item 666-974) for just thirty bucks even ($30.00). That’s $39.99 off the regular $69.99. This unit has a rotating head that can turn 360°, then lock in place with a built-in clamp. It mirrors the design of the $249.97 “Multi-Vise” sold by Note, with this design the head only rotates. It does not tilt or swivel. But it’s still way more vesatile than a conventional shop vise and it does pretty much anything the green $250 Multi-vise (photo right) will do at less than 1/8th the price. If you need a swiveling vise for your loading bench, here’s your opportunity. The cast iron Wheeler vise weighs 18 pounds and has 3-1/2″ jaws that open to 4-3/4″.

Wheeler Engineering Swivel Vise

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