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June 14th, 2007

New Stock Design from Baney and Baer

Thanks to sponsors Bruce Baer, Bartlein Barrels and smiths Mark King and Alex Sitman, we are developing a new long-range project gun with two barrels, one chambered in 6mm-6.5×47 and the other in 6.5×47 Lapua. For this project, Jason wanted a hybrid stock that combined features of the popular MBR Tooley-style stock, with an I-beam style fore-end, plus something new and different in the rear.

The new stock, crafted by Bruce Baer, features an I-beam style fore-end with long, straight flats similar to a McMillan Edge™ short-range BR stock. The underside of the fore-end is relieved to allow smoother tracking over a front sand bag. We’ve noticed a trend to wider flats in the back, so we specified a 1.25″ rear flat. We didn’t want to go ultra-wide (2.0″ +) to keep weight manageable and so that a conventional blank (1.5″ wide at comb) could be used. We were also concerned about friction and bag-handling if the flat was too wide. To lessen drag and improve tracking, Jason told Bruce to cut a relieved area, or “channel” in the underside of the toe. The idea here was to reduce friction and to provide improved contact with the ears of the rear bag. With a very wide flat, there is a tendency to ride on the stitching between the ears. With this design, we hope, the left and right edges of the rear flats will engage the ears.

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June 14th, 2007

Great Deal on Sierra Varmint Bullets

Jeff Bartlett of has some great prices on new Sierra production 55gr varmint bullets, .224 diameter. Two varieties are offered:

55gr BlitzKing with cannelure. Sierra item #9373.
Prices: $12/100; $55/500; $100 per thousand

55gr Varminter Soft Point. Sierra item #1360.
Prices: $12/100; $55/500; $100 per thousand.

Bartlett’s special production BlitzKings have cannelures, making them better for reloaders who prefer to crimp their ammo. Regular production Sierra 55gr BlitzKings (Sierra #1455) have no cannelure and typically sell for $16/box. Jeff also reports that he has plenty of the ultra-accurate ‘Euro’ 4895 powder, highly recommended by G. Salazar of This burns slightly slower than IMR 4895, closer to IMR 4064. It works great in the 6mmBR and .308 Win. Price is $100 per 8-lb jug.

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