June 12th, 2007

Berger 108gr Shines in Early Testing

Berger Bullets has issued three new prototype non-VLD 6mm bullets for testing, in 105, 107, and 108 grain weights. Initial results are promising to say the least, particularly with the 108s. Here’s a photo of all three by Wm. Roscoe.

Berger bullets 6mm

Danny Reever reports: “Here’s the best group I shot today with the Prototype Berger 108 grain BT at 500 meters (547 yards). The group measured a fantastic .870 inch! The worst group I shot today with the same bullet measured 1.752 inch which is none too shabby either.”

Danny adds: “I do think this new bullet is a winner. All the bullets shot well for me, but the 108 was hands down the best performer. I had the chance to test the new lot #591 105gr VLD since Eric polished the die out and it shot very well also. Best group being a 1.544″ @ 500 meters which was shot in a 5-15 MPH wind. I’m now anxious to find out which bullet they will select for production. If it’s the 108 I’m going to order 3000 right from the get-go. That’s how impressed I am with that bullet!” Danny’s load was Berger 108, .015″ into the lands, neck-turned Lapua 6mmBR brass, CCI450 primer, 30.5 grains of Varget (the usual disclaimer applies here).

Bob Woodward (Matsubob) agrees: “Here is a group I shot with a 6mm Grendel on an AR15 space gun at 200 meters (8-twist Whitley upper). Very good group for an over-the-course national match rifle.”

What’s the secret to the accuracy of the 108s? It looks like Berger is pointing up nice, consistent meplats. But it appears the 108 has a shorter boat-tail than the 105 or 107 prototype. We should add that the 107s are shooting well too. William Roscoe got promising results with the 107s. Holding dead center (no wind correction), five of the new 107s went into .614″ vertical at 330 yards. More Details.

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