June 25th, 2007

Reever Wins Match with New 108gr Bergers

Forum member Danny Reever gave the new Berger 108s (See Bulletin, 6/23/07) their first taste of competition this past weekend at Shippensburg, PA. Shooting his 6BR in the Heavy Custom class, Danny won the match. Along the way he posted an impressive 1.509″ group at 500 meters (547 yards). Here’s what Danny had to say: “Yesterday I shot the new 108s in Shippensburg’s monthly Ground Hog Match. Conditions were a bit rough with switchy, gusting winds in the 5-10 MPH range and some very heavy mirage at all yardages being particularly bad at 300 and 500 meters. In fact at 500 meters you couldn’t see the scoring rings on the target let alone bullet holes. At 500 meters (547 yards) I managed a 41 score and a real nice 1.509 group considering the conditions. My total score was a 140 out of a possible 150 which was good enough for first place in Heavy Custom class for the day. This was the 108’s initial baptism by fire so to speak and they came through with flying colors.”

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