August 4th, 2007

Berger 108s Go Sub-Inch at 500 meters

Danny Reever keeps nailing spectacular groups with the new Berger 108s, a length-tolerant tangent-ogive design. Shooting his 6BR “Toxic” with 8-Twist Krieger barrel, Danny produced this group at 500 meters (547 yards). It measures 0.964″ overall, with three shots in just 0.242″. The 0.964″ overall size works out to 0.168 MOA.

6BR Reever 500m sub-inch group

If you want to try for these kind of results, here’s Danny’s load: Lapua 6BR brass, turned (lightly) for .269″ neck, Berger 108gr BT seated .013″ in lands, CCI 450 primers, 30.5 grains Hodgdon Varget (max load in some guns, work up carefully). Danny says: “Never touched the meplats, they’re pretty good right out of the box. Nothing magic, that Berger 108 just flat out shoots!”

Danny tells us: “I’m a happy camper, this rifle shoots like a rail gun! This rifle proves one thing to me. A trued Remington action can shoot every bit as good as a custom action provided that it is trued and built by a good smith.” Danny’s 6BR was smithed by Clarence Hammond. It features a trued Rem 40XB (Jewell trigger) in a Tooley MBR stock with a weight system in the butt. Up front is a 28″ Kreiger 4-groove barrel, HV contour with a .237 bore, .104 Freebore (Kiff Reamer). Optics are a 12-42 Nightforce NXS with a NP2-DD reticle on a Leupold 20MOA base. Rifle weighs in at 18.5 pounds with the weight system.

Reever 6BR group 500m sub-inch

Danny tells us “The rifle was named ‘Toxic’ by Logan, my 10-year-old son. He claims the stock color looks like the toxic chemicals that the Joker fell into in the first Batman movie. My wife calls it ‘The Ugly Gun’. It may be ugly to her, but with the way it shoots, it’s beautiful to me.”

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