May 4th, 2007

Bore Tech Cleaning Rods on Sale

Bore Tech Bore Stix cleaning rodsCurrently, Lock, Stock & Barrel, has Bore Tech “Bore Stix” cleaning rods on sale. Regularly $34.25 or higher, most of the 17 cal to 7mm rods in 36″, 40″, and 44″ are discounted to $31.95.

Bore Stix rods have polymer-coated steel shafts, and the handles feature ball bearings in machined races. This allows the shaft to spin freely even when you push from the end. Most Bore Stix (22 Caliber or larger) have an 8/32 female fitting for standard jags. 17-cal and 20-cal rods have a 5/40 female-threaded tip. Click HERE for large photo.

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