February 17th, 2011

New Stocks and Upgraded Triggers for Tikka T3

The Tikka T3 is a popular hunting rifle worldwide. The T3 Sporter, a new variant of the T3, is used for match shooting in Europe. On this side of the Atlantic, there has been growing interest among tactical shooters in the T3 because it offers a strong, rigid receiver, smooth-running bolt, and highly functional detachable box magazine. At least two tactical stock suppliers, Manners Composite Stocks and KRG, are offering high-end tactical stocks for T3 actions. Shown below is KRG’s new Whiskey 3 Modular Chassis (W3C) for the Tikka T3. We’ll be testing a Tikka T3 project rifle fitted in the W3C Chassis later this year.

KRG Whiskey 3 stock T3

JARD Triggers for Tikka T3
Tikka T3s are very nice rifles out of the box, but the T3’s trigger pull weight is a bit on the heavy side for match shooting. JARD now offers drop-in trigger kits for the Tikka T3, as well as complete Tikka T3 replacement trigger assemblies. With the $110.00 trigger upgrade kit, you can get your T3 trigger down to a crisp, 1.0 pound pull. JARD’s full Tikka trigger assembly, priced at $132.00, can be set for pull weights as low as 12 ounces. The full trigger assembly not only gives you a nice, light pull, but it also offers Over-Travel and Sear Engagement adjustability not provided by the factory trigger. For more info, or to order, visit www.JARDinc.com or call (712) 324-7409.

JARD Tikka T3 Trigger

Story suggested by Boyd Allen.

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