February 8th, 2011

New Whiz Wheel Ballistics Solver for Custom and Standard Loads

Product Preview by Bryan Litz
I’d like to make everyone aware of a new ballistic solver called the Whiz Wheel. The Whiz Wheel, from Accuracy 1st Development Group (Accuracy 1st) is a non-electronic device that calculates ballistic solutions out to transonic range for any small arms bullet. This device, similar to a circular slide-rule, is in the process of being adopted by several military units as a back-up to the electronic PDAs, and even as the primary ballistic solver since it’s faster to get a solution compared to the PDAs.

Whiz Wheel Solver Features include:

  • Density altitude calculator
  • Meters/MILS or Yards/MOA output
  • Trajectory prediction within 0.1 MIL or 0.25 MOA resolution
  • Wind deflection for any speed and direction
  • Spin drift
  • Leads for engaging moving targets
  • Corrections for inclined shooting
  • Ability to ‘true’ the solution for variations in MV or BC

whiz wheel ballistics solver

Use Different Wheels for Various Cartridges and Loads
The tan colored sleeve is universal, meaning it works with all load-specific wheels. The wheels are interchangeable laser-engraved plastic items. Accuracy 1st offers both “standard” wheels for popular factory-loaded ammo types, as well as custom wheels tailored to your specific bullet, MV, sight height, and twist rate. Each wheel provides a full solution for a single cartridge type and load. Different wheels are required for different cartridges/different loads. This is because the wheel’s solutions depend on bullet BC and muzzle velocity.

CLICK HERE for Whiz Wheel Ballistics Solver Instructions PDF.

How to Use the Whiz Wheel
Finding your come-ups (and windage corrections) with the Whiz Wheel is very simple. Start by solving the density altitude (DA) with the small wheel, or getting it from a Kestrel. Then line up the DA with the range, and the wheel outputs drop. The drop can be corrected for incline via the table on the back of the sleeve. The back of the whiz wheel also calculates the lateral solution elements including wind, spin drift, and moving target leads.

I was heavily involved in the development of the Whiz Wheel and can vouch for the accuracy of the solutions which are generated with a point mass solver and measured G7 BCs. If you have comments or questions about the Whiz Wheel, you can place those in the comments section for this Bulletin post. I’ll try to respond to your questions, time permitting.

Bryan Litz, author of Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting, is the Ballistician for Berger Bullets.

Whiz Wheel Pricing for Standard and Custom Loads
To order the Whiz Wheel go to the Accuracy 1st website. A Whiz Wheel Solver with one (1) custom wheel for your load costs $54.95 for civilians, $44.95 for LEO/Military. Each additional custom solver wheel, set up for your specific load, costs $24.95 for civilians, $19.95 for LEO/Military. If you shoot factory ammo, you can purchase the Whiz Wheel with one standard solver wheel — $49.95 for civilians or $39.95 for LEO/Military. A Standard Ballistics solver wheel (set up for a known production load) costs $19.95 for civilians, $14.95 for LEO/Military. Accuracy 1st also offers a package of Solver Sleeve plus three (3) standard wheels — $69.95 for civilians, $49.95 for LEO/Military.

Accuracy 1st Development Group
310 Indianapolis Rd. Building E-4
Mooresville, IN 46158
Phone: 317-834-5480
E-mail: jeffoverholser [at] accuracy1stdg.com

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