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September 12th, 2011

SkeetLee’s Shoot House, Load Room, and 200-Yard Range

Shooting House Concrete Bench shoot roomForum member Lee G. (aka ‘SkeetLee’) has built a fully enclosed, 4-season shoot house with loading area. The new shoot house, located on his parents’ farm, will make most readers envious. The quality of the slab and the framing is a far sight better than what you’ll find in many tract houses. SkeetLee has experience in concrete work and construction and he did a beautiful job on his new facility, which combines a large reloading area with two concrete benches facing out to a 200-yard range. The insulated shoot house will be heated in winter, allowing year-round shooting.

Construction Planning and Progress
SkeetLee tells us: “We added 16′ to the back of the machine shop on one of our farms so I could have a place to practice my shooting. Everything worked out real well because exactly 200 yards out from the new addition is a low spot in the field that doesn’t produce any crop anyway, so we thought this would be a good spot for a berm. I started building the berm this spring before the crop got planted and it is about 60% complete. I am very lucky to have such a place to do all this, and I will be forever indebted to my folks for letting me build this range and loading/shoot room. This range is a gift to me from my folks, and I am very grateful.”

SkeetLee will be using the new shoot house very soon: “I finally have the room at least 95% done. It took the better part of the year to complete and there is still some work to do to the berm once the corn [comes] down next week, but the shoot house is darn near ready for some banging.”

Shooting House Concrete Bench shoot room

Below are the two benches in progress. SkeetLee set the block in mortar then formed the tops in place with some “T” supports to hold the forms up. He used an 8″ sona tube for the rear leg, then added Re-Bar for reinforcement. It worked out really really well as you can see in the bottom photo.

Shooting House Concrete Bench shoot room

Shooting House Concrete Bench shoot room

Shoot House Permits Year-Round Shooting
SkeetLee notes: “This winter when the snow is flying we can stay warm and shoot until our finger(s) get sore. I also look forward to entertaining some guests.” To give our readers a better view of the interior of his shoot house, SkeetLee recorded a two-part video. Part Two is embedded below, and you can CLICK HERE for Part One.

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September 12th, 2011

MGM Will Build Nation’s Largest Indoor Range in Virginia

MGM Tactical Colonial Shooting RangeMGM Tactical has been selected as the bullet trap, target and range equipment supplier for the largest indoor shooting range in the country, the planned Colonial Shooting Academy (CSA) in Richmond, Virginia. Construction is scheduled to be completed in February 2012. The Colonial Shooting Academy choose MGM Tactical because MGM offers state-of-the-art bullet containment systems with unique capabilities. These include:

  • “Impact” system rifle-grade Shoot House
  • “Deep V” bullet traps with .50-caliber capability
  • “Shoot Close” granulated rubber bullet trap for the tactical range.

The facility will have multiple ranges, a shoot house, retail selling area, offices, café, classrooms and member lounge. The facility will have five separate ranges: one 11-lane tactical range; two 25-yard mezzanine-level ranges (one with 11 lanes and one with 14 lanes); and, two additional private 7-lane ranges. All ranges will have acoustical tiles for sound deadening. The building’s basement will house a high-tech, 1590-square-foot, multi-room shoot house with multiple entries and breach doors.

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