September 25th, 2011

Bald Eagle Rest Gets “Extreme Make-Over” by Bob Pastor

Forum Member Rod V (aka Nodak7mm) commissioned a full-bling “Extreme Make-Over” of his Bald Eagle Slingshot Front Rest. The visual change was dramatic — a benchrest version of “Pimp My Ride”. But Rod’s old Bald Eagle was also fitted out with new controls and new, large-diameter F-Class foot pads. Those hardware additions add more than flash — they improve function too.

Bald Eagle Front RestPlain Jane Rest Becomes
Black and Gold Beauty

The whole rest body was powder-coated black and the controls were finished in gold-tone. This has got to be the best-looking Bald Eagle in the galaxy. Rod says: “I had Bob Pastor of Viper Rests make me some F-Class feet for my Bald Eagle Slingshot rest. Since Bob does powder coating and such, I gave him the go ahead to make it look sweet. And he sure did!”

Rod adds: “Man do I have a ‘kick-butt’, hot looking rest for F-class now! Pastor did a great job and I really owe him a thanks for exceeding my expectations and for his craftsmanship. Bob is a great guy to work with. He is a top-shelf shooter too, so he knows what he wants in a rest and why.”

Bald Eagle Front Rest

What’s involved in an “Extreme Make-Over” by Bob Pastor?
Here’s the description on Bob’s Website,

  • Each rest is customized for the individual shooter. All the brass knobs and handles are melted down rifle cases from my foundry.
    (Aluminum knobs and handles can be substituted of weight is a concern.)
  • Each knob and handle is individually knurled and turned on my lathe.
  • All threaded stainless steel rods, knob screws and knob extensions are used. These are all highly polished before installation.
  • The Viper Double-Edge F-Class Feet are 4″ wide, with a large tapered spike turned concentric to the center hole.
  • All corner stainless steel rods are ½ x 13 threads per inch for added stability.
  • All corner stainless steel rods have concentric points turned on the ends for use on a shooting bench.
  • All corner holes in base are drilled and tapped for ½ x 13 tpi., from 3/8 x 16 tpi. For better stability.
  • The base is stripped of any paint and all sharp edges and burrs are removed prior to powder coating.
  • The entire rest is either powder-coated or painted according to the material.
  • All threaded rods are burnished to remove any small burrs, before applying synthetic grease and assembly.
  • All brass is highly polished, unless a matte finish is desired.
  • Each rest is then packed in liquid hardening foam for safety during shipping.

To order an “Extreme-Makeover” visit, call Bob Pastor at (269) 521-3671, or email robpas [at] . Bob says the Make-Over price “depends on the customer’s desires and is quoted before the rest is shipped to me.”