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October 31st, 2011

6.5 Grendel is Approved as SAMMI Cartridge — Alexander Arms Gives Up “6.5 Grendel” Trademark

At the gun industry writers round-table meeting earlier this month in Kansas City, KS, Alexander Arms made important announcements regarding the 6.5 Grendel Cartridge.

1. The “6.5 Grendel” has been officially approved as a SAAMI Cartridge. (This means that cartridge dimensions will be standardized for the purpose of manufacturing brass, loaded ammunition, pre-fit barrels, and 6.5 Grendel-chambered firearms.)

2. Alexander Arms has officially “relinquished” its trademark claim on the term/label “6.5 Grendel”. This opens the door to other companies offering products (such as ammo, barrels, magazines) which are identified by the 6.5 Grendel moniker.

6.5 Grendel Saami spec

CLICK HERE for 6.5 Grendel Cartridge History (Wikipedia entry).

Here is the text of Alexander Arms’ Official Press Release:

The 6.5 Grendel is an Official SAAMI Cartridge and Trademark is Relinquished.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) has adopted the 6.5 Grendel as an official SAAMI cartridge. As a result of the cartridge’s official recognition, Alexander Arms will relinquish the trademark “6.5 Grendel”. Bill Alexander states: “One of the primary purposes of trademarking the name was to protect the integrity of the design. With the adoption of the 6.5 Grendel cartridge standard by SAAMI, the design is now protected, and any confusion in the marketplace as to the specification of the cartridge has been eliminated.”

SAAMI’s formal adoption of the design specifications for the cartridge has led Alexander Arms to announce that it will relinquish its federally-registered trademark and that “6.5 Grendel” to be the common commercial name for a cartridge that adheres to the specifications adopted by SAAMI.

Alexander Arms is proud that a cartridge of its design has received this important designation, and is pleased to take this important step in the continued market development of this breakthrough cartridge, which is perfectly matched to the AR-15 platform.

For additional information contact:
Alexander Arms

6.5 Grendel Saami spec

According to The Firearm Blog, “Hornady submitted the cartridge to SAAMI last year but the application was rejected because Alexander Arms refused to relinquish the trademark.” With the waiver of trademark objections by Alexander Arms, look for greater production of standardized 6.5 Grendel ammo and brass. We can also expect more factory and custom rifles to be chambered in the efficient 6.5 Grendel cartridge. Some gunsmiths had avoided working with this cartridge because of Alexander Arms’ trademark claims. In fact, the were even concerns about sales of “6.5 Grendel” chambering reamers, so some gun-builders developed slightly-different wildcats in order to get around Alexander Arms’ objections. But that is all “old history” now….

6.5 Grendel Saami Hornady Brass

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October 31st, 2011

Texan Dustin Ellermann Wins Season 3 Top Shot Title

Editor’s Note: We told you last week that Dustin Ellermann was the best natural marksman among Top Shot Season 3 competitors, and sure enough Dustin proved it, with a totally dominating performance in the final head-to-head battle. And before that Dustin made what was probably the most difficult rifle shot ever on Top Shot — hitting a golf ball with a .22LR rifle at 100 yards — with no sighter shots and no windflags. You try that sometime. It ain’t easy, even with a rimfire benchrest rifle and $15/box ammo.

In winning the Top Shot Season 3 title, Dustin, a self-taught shooter in his first-ever real competition, beat 15 other skilled marksman, most with much more impressive “shooting resumes”. Displaying poise, speed, and superior accuracy, Dustin proved he had the “right stuff”. Time and time again, Dustin sent “big name” shooters (with years of competition experience) packing. And throughout the Top Shot season, Dustin, a Christian Camp Director, exhibited good sportsmanship, unlike one foul-mouthed ex-Navy SEAL. Bravo, Dustin — you deserved this victory.

Top Shot Season 3 Dustin

Dustin Ellermann from Zavalla, Texas Wins $100,000 Top Shot Prize
The good thing about being sent to the elimination round on the The History Channel’s Top Shot TV show is that you get to shoot some pretty cool weapons. Everything from full-auto pistols to Gatling Guns. Bad news is you could be going home. For Dustin Ellermann, that possibility almost became reality during the first round of the season finale. Escaping elimination, Ellermann went on to win the overall title in a rout, soundly trouncing second-place “Big Mike” Hughes.

In the closing credits, Dustin said: “I came, I shot, I won. My victory proves that, hey, normal everyday people can be good shooters and can have fun doing it. I actually won this thing!”

Starting with a Glock 34s and a dueling tree, Ellermann took the lessons he learned from the first round and sent Chris Collins home with a perfect 12 for 12 as time ran out.

Next was the shooting gallery. With an assortment of firearms and targets, Dustin started things off by nailing a golf ball with a Volquartsen .22LR rifle at 100 yards. Mike and Gary couldn’t match that. The competition continued until Mike called for shooting an AK-47 with one hand. Mike and Gary were successful while Dustin was not. Then Gary, down by one point, failed to hit his final “called” shot (with a .40sw pistol at 25 yards), so Gary was eliminated.

That set up Dustin with Mike Hughes for the final one-on-one elimination round. This required the two men to move rapidly through multiple stages, using a variety of weapons: 1875 revolver, Benelli slug-gun, re-curve bow, semi-auto rifle, and so on. Mike and Dustin were pretty much even with the 1875, with Mike having a slight edge. But then Dustin “dusted” Hughes on the shotgun stage. Dustin was fast and accurate, while Mike struggled big time. Mike literally lost his sights. Using the notch instead of the front sight to zero in on the target, Mike spent the rest of the challenge killing the jars, never getting beyond the Benelli stage.

Meanwhile, Dustin was methodically cleaning the course in record time. He made his bow-and-arrow trick shot on the first try. From there it was two rapid shots with the Vltor TS3 (AR-type rifle), a quick thumbs up to the wife and a few more rounds through a Smith & Wesson 500. One final Tannerite flash from the S&W 500 target signaled Dustin’s dominating victory. Dustin Ellermann became Season 3’s Top Shot. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

CLICK HERE to Watch Repeat of Top Shot Season 3 Finale on History Channel (45 minutes).

It’s too late to audition for Top Shot Season 4, but if you want to learn some of the skills required to be a Top Shot, then sign up for a class at near you.

Story by Lars Dalseide for The NRA Blog.
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October 31st, 2011

New iPhone Shooters’ App Has Multiple Functions

ShotMuse3 programShotMuse3 is a handy new App for iPhone users. Functioning like a log-book, this multi-purpose App can record shot locations, scores, and wind values during practice. In addition, ShotMuse3 has built-in databases that can list your ammo supplies and your firearms inventory. (However, for security reasons, you may decide NOT to place a list of your firearms in your iPhone.) ShotMuse3, priced at just $3.99, can be purchased via the Apple App Store. For more information, visit the Apple App Store or contact developer Mike Lersbak: auxxpad [at] or (509) 435-1640

Save Chron Data to Your iPhone
One feature we really like is the Chronograph Mode. We often use a PVM-21. This is a great chronograph, but the PVM’s data recording software is complicated and buggy. So, we usually dispense with a laptop and record our chron data manually. With ShotMuse’s Chrono Mode, you can record your chrono results at the range, and then email the data to your main computer. Note — you must still manually input shot values into the App –ShotMuse3 does NOT automatically connect with the chrono.

ShotMuse 3 Functions and Features:

  • Target Practice Mode – This handy feature lets you record shot placements and shot values during practice. As with a manual log-book, you can record wind value and direction for each string, along with temperature and other conditions. A variety of target types can be selected the ShotMuse Target Archive.
  • Chronograph Mode – Input shot velocities from your chronograph when doing load development. Weather, distance and range can also be recorded with each string.
  • Weapons Database – Keep track of your weapons including weapon data, shot count, strings shot, and any other notes or information you want to record.
  • Ammo Database – Track the ammo you use — both store-bought and your own reloads. You can also store notes and photos.
  • Timer Mode – The built-in shot timer can record your shot strings. Both individual shot times/intervals and total string time can be recorded. This is useful for action pistol shooters and 3-Gun competitors.

ShotMuse3 program

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October 30th, 2011

$1K Worth of Free Ammo with Purchase of .416 Barrett M82A1

Barrett m82a1 ammunition special

If you’ve been lusting for a serious, ultra-long-range big-bore tactical rifle, check out this special offer from Barrett Firearms. Purchase any Model 82A1 chambered for the .416 Barrett and get 200 rounds of ammunition from Barrett as a free extra. That’s right, get 200 rounds of .416 Barrett ammunition FREE with your purchase of any configuration Model 82A1 .416 rifle. The retail cost of 200 rounds of Barrett-Brand .416 ammo exceeds $1000.00.* That’s a nice incentive, but remember that a Barrett Model 82A1 rifle costs a jaw-dropping $8,900.00 without optics. CLICK HERE for Barrett Price List (PDF).

If you can afford it, the Model 82A1 in .416 Barrett is a great ultra-long range performer. The chambering is also legal in jurisdictions that ban the .50 BMG or other .50-caliber cartridges. To qualify for this free ammo deal, head to your local dealer and ask them to use Promo Code FILL20MAGS when purchasing directly from Barrett. That will entitle you to 200 rounds of .416 Barrett ammunition, with your new rifle. That ammo’s worth over a thousand bucks. Take a look at the size of the cartridge, and you’ll understand why .416 Barrett ammo is so pricey.

.416 Barrett Ammunition

*Barrett Brand .416 Barrett Ammunition: Item 41622 Hornady® 450gr BTHP, 10-Round Box, $60.00; Item 12770, Hornady 450gr BTHP, 100-Round Case, $590.00.
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October 29th, 2011

Savage Plans to Release New-for-2012 Rifles Next Week

Savage Arms will roll out its new 2012 line-up of firearms on November 2, 2011. That’s just a few days away. The initial release will be made via Savage’s Facebook Page.

Right now Savage is being very tight-lipped about the new product line. However, Savage posted a teaser showing a gun case marked “Classified” — challenging Facebook readers to guess what might be unveiled next week. So far, reader guesses include:

  • An AR-type gun in .223 Rem AND 7.62×39.
  • A big boomer in .408 Cheytac, .416 Barrett or 50 BMG.
  • A single-shot Model 12 Target rifle in 6.5×47 LAPUA.
  • A Mini-14 type rifle in 6.5 Grendel.
  • A “Zombie Zapper” for use with Hornady’s Zombie Max ammo.
  • A lightweight survival-type .22 LR rifle.
  • A 300 AAC Blackout bolt-gun.
  • A 17 Hornet Varminter.

What do you guys think? We suspect the “Classified” rifle will be a bolt gun with rails and a detachable magazine, possibly with a collapsible stock. Consumer interest in “tactical”-style rifles is very high right now. We can expect Savage to deliver something that caters to market demand.

Story tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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October 29th, 2011

New Bottom Metal for DBMs from Stiller Precision Firearms

Stiller Precision Firearms is now offering hard-anodized, billet aluminum bottom metal systems that work with Accuracy International (AI) magazines in Rem-style actions. Currently a short-action version is offered (for both .223 Rem and .308 Win cartridge sizes) and a long-action unit is in the works. Bottom metal for the .223 Rem fits a 10-round magazine. For the .308 Win, there are three mag options: 5-round centerfeed, 10-round centerfeed, and a 10-round, .308 double-column mag. The double-column magazines won’t work in the standard Remington action, but are perfectly suited for dedicated actions such as Stiller’s new TAC30 A/W. Current MSRP for Stiller’s DBM Bottom Metal is $295.00 with one (1) 5-round magazine.

Stiller Bottom Metal DBM

Jerry Stiller consulted many tactical shooters before finalized the design of his new bottom metal. It contains many smart features that enhance reliability/function and simplify the installation process:

  • Strong, billet aluminum construction with Mil-Spec Type 3 hard anodizing.
  • Flared magwell allows fast, positive insertion of Accuracy International magazines.
  • Computer-optimized truss pattern reduces weight while retaining strength and stiffness.
  • Works with all commonly-available triggers for Rem and Rem-clone actions.
  • “Exact-Fit” pillars and screws included to ensure a perfect fit and easy installation.
  • NO SPECIAL INLET is required on the tang ends. Stiller Bottom Metal will fit into a standard BDL bottom inlet in most stocks (must meet Remington specified depths). The only cutting needed is around the magazine box. Stiller has beefed up the material in this area so that a high-precision cut is not needed.

Stiller Bottom Metal DBM

Stiller Bottom Metal DBM

Story tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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October 28th, 2011

Results from 2011 Creedmoor Cup and CMP Western Games

2011 Creedmoor Cup Phoenix

Carl Bernosky and Tyler Rico Top Field at Creedmoor Cup
Congratulations to Carl Bernosky (Match Rifle) and Tyler Rico (Service Rifle) — winners of the 2011 Western Creedmoor Cup, held October 19-23 at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix, AZ. Carl shot 2376-101X while Tyler tallied 2344-83X overall. Tyler was also the High Junior shooter for the match. If you see these guys, give them a pat on the back — they did a great job. Other Creedmoor Cup Category Winners were: Matthew Pitchon (High Senior, 2285-40X) and Sara Rozanki, (High Woman, 2325-56X).

Carl Bernosky Tyler Rico Creedmoor Cup

CMP Western Games Winners included:

  • Western Games Garand Match: Brian Dobish, 284-6X
  • Western Games Springfield Match: James Denovchek, 285-8X
  • Western Games Vintage Military Match: Glendale Rutherford, 289-5X
  • Three Gun Aggregate Results: Glendale Rutherford, 852-12X
  • As-Issued M1 Garand EIC Match: Arland Anderson, 378-7X
  • Western Games Carbine Match: Lyle Drenth, 362-1X
  • Vintage Sniper Match (two-man team): Bob & Leon, 372-10X
  • 4-Man Team Service Rifle Championship: All Nat’l Guard – Spiker, 1909-56X
  • 4-Man Team Match Rifle Championship: Remington/Bushmaster – Roxburgh, 1948-55X

CLICK HERE for Complete 2011 CMP Western Games and Creedmoor Cup Results (with rankings).

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October 28th, 2011

Gun Ownership Rates Rise in USA According to Gallup Poll

According to a Gallup Poll conducted earlier this month: “47% percent of American adults currently report that they have a gun in their home or on their property. This is up from 41% a year ago and is the highest Gallup has recorded since 1993, albeit marginally above the 44% and 45% highs seen during that period.” The numbers for personal (as opposed to household) gun ownership are a bit lower. One in three Americans reports owning a gun — but there remains a significant “gender gap”: 46% of adult men personally own a gun vs. 23% of adult women. MORE RESULTS from Gallup Gun Poll.

Gallup Gun Crime Survey

As Expected, Republican and Southern Households Have More Guns
While nearly half of Americans acknowledge gun ownership, there remain important differences in gun ownership rates — depending on political affiliation and geographic location. As you might expect, Republicans are more gun friendly — 55% of Republicans keep a firearm at their home or property vs. just 40% for Democrats (and democrat-leaning independents). Likewise, there are regional differences in gun ownership rates. Southerners have the most households with guns, Easterners the least.

Gallup Gun Crime Survey

Gallup Gun Crime Survey

A Rising Number of Women Have Guns in Households
The poll also revealed that an increasing number of American women report that they currently have a gun in their household. In 2011, 43% of women surveyed report that they keep a firearm at their home or property. This is a significant rise from a low of 32% in 2006.

Gallup Gun Crime Survey

Gallup pollsters didn’t know if more women have guns because of rising crime fears or simply because women are more willing to acknowledge gun ownership than before. The Gallup survey analysts surmise that Americans have become more tolerant of guns in recent years:

Gallup Gun Ownership Poll Summary
“A clear societal change took place regarding gun ownership in the early 1990s, when the percentage of Americans saying there was a gun in their home or on their property dropped from the low to mid-50s into the low to mid-40s and remained at that level for the next 15 years. Whether this reflected a true decline in gun ownership or a cultural shift in Americans’ willingness to say they had guns is unclear. However, the new data suggest that attitudes may again be changing. At 47%, reported gun ownership is the highest it has been in nearly two decades — a finding that may be related to Americans’ dampened support for gun-control laws. However, to ensure that this year’s increase reflects a meaningful rebound in reported gun ownership, it will be important to see whether the uptick continues in future polling.”

Charts by Gallup based on Gallup data from nationwide telephone poll conducted October 6-9, 2011.
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October 28th, 2011

New Efforts to Eliminate Long-Gun Registry in Canada

Canada’s much-criticized long-gun Registry is under attack. Media editorials have called the registry a “$2 Billion Waste” (Calgary Sun) and “an insult to law-abiding citizens” (Kelowna Capital News). It looks like there is a very good chance that Canada’s Parliament will dismantle the costly and unpopular Registry this year.

Canada long gun registryMembers of the majority Conservative party, lead by Primer Minister Stephen Harper, are moving forward with efforts to repeal the Registry. When Harper’s party came into power in 2006, its leaders pledged to get rid of the controversial registry. Legislation was introduced last year to eliminate the Registry, but that effort wasn’t successful. However, according to the BBC News website, “While a repeal failed last year, the Conservative’s new majority has a much greater chance of success.”

If the Conservatives succeed in dismantling the registry, the tens of thousands of Registry records would be deep-sixed. That idea is popular with critics of the Registry: “the Harper government’s further directive to destroy all the data is a mammoth victory of the people over Big Brother” (Calgary Sun).

A recent editorial in the Kewlona Capital News website, states: “The looming end of the federal long gun registry is a good omen for taxpayers. It shows that the [Canadian] federal government is actually willing to get rid of programs that serve no purpose, and waste tax dollars unnecessarily.”

With Canada Poised to Eliminate Registry, California Mandates Long-Gun Registration
It’s ironic that while Canadians move to dismantle their costly and ineffective Registry, California’s Governor Jerry Brown recently signed AB 809, a bill requiring registration of rifles and shotguns, starting in 2014. Apparently California has not learned from Canada’s “$2 Billion Mistake”.

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October 27th, 2011

Horner Wins Tactical-Optics Divison At Multigun Nationals

300 BLK Dan Horner

SSG Daniel Horner of the USAMU used the new 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) cartridge to win first place overall in the Tactical Optics division of the 2011 USPSA Multigun National Championship, held outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Horner’s choice of cartridge allowed him to satisfy “Major Power Factor” requirements while using his regular AR15 rifle and magazines. The only important change was replacing the 5.56mm barrel with a .30-caliber barrel.

300 BLK Dan Horner
The 300 AAC Blackout was created by Advanced Armament Corp. and Remington primarily for the military as a way to shoot .30-caliber bullets from the M4/AR15 platform while using standard magazines. As explained by Robert Silvers, AAC’s R&D Director: “Now there is a way to shoot 30 caliber from your AR while still using normal magazines with full capacity. Even the bolt stays the same, and all that changes is the barrel.” For more information visit and download the 300 BLK Cartridge Information Guide (PDF).

300 AAC Blackout SAAMI Diagram

The concept of putting a .30-caliber bullet in a shortened 223 case has been done before, but not as an industry-wide standard that anyone can make products for, royalty-free. SAAMI, the industry standards organization, adopted and standardized the AAC 300 Blackout earlier this year. The SAAMI diagram for the 300 BLK is shown below.

300 AAC Blackout SAAMI Diagram
300 Blackout SAAMI Cartridge Specification

Affordable Factory 300 BLK Ammo is Available
Remington now sells a variety of 300 BLK ammo: 1) 125 grain open-tip match with a custom Sierra bullet; 2) 220gr subsonic, and 3) 125gr AccuTip (photo below). While the 300 BLK is easy (and inexpensive) to reload, Remington and AAC recognized that most people are not reloaders. So Remington will be budget-priced UMC-brand 300 BLK ammo through at just $12.99 per box — that’s less than most other rifle cartridges than are more powerful than the .223.

300 AAC BLK ammo

The 300 AAC Blackout has been touted as an important new hunting round, but we see it more as a specialized “rule-beater” 30-cal option that lets 3-Gun competitors “make major” with a low-recoil cartridge that also offers long barrel life. For those who need to run a .30-caliber cartridge from a standard AR15 platform (as opposed to the AR10), the 300 AAC Blackout makes some sense. But for hunters using a bolt gun, there are any number of tried and true options, such as the 7.62×39, .30-30, and, of course, the .308 Winchester (7.62×51 NATO).

Other 300 BLK Resource
300 BLK Overview with Ballistics and Ammo Info READ FIRST.
300 BLK by AAC: An Introduction by Paul Erhardt.
300 AAC Blackout Ammo Review
AAC .300 BLK AR-15, The Gun Blog.

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October 26th, 2011

U.S. Palma Team Homeward Bound from Australia

Dave Kloft, a member of the U.S. Goodwill Team and a shooter for the U.S. Army Reserve, provided this report at the conclusion on the World Long Range Rifle Championships held at the Belmont Range outside Brisbane, Australia. The U.S. Palma Team finished third, behind Great Britain (1st Place), and South Africa (2nd Place).

There was very, very stiff competition and the conditions on the range tested our coaches and shooters thoroughly. After two long days of shooting, we found ourselves bested by Great Britain and South Africa. While we did not win gold, this was still a tremendous accomplishment for our team, and it was an honor to be among the best rifle shooters in our country and from around the world.

We were overwhelmed by the hospitality demonstrated by all the great folks in Australia during the past three weeks. It was definitely a wonderful experience. With any luck, this won’t be my last time visiting this amazing country.

The 2015 World Championships will be hosted by the USA. The planned location is currently Camp Perry, Ohio following the US National Championships in August. The next U.S. Team Training event is the South African National Championships in October of 2012.

Summary by Lars Dalseide and Cloft report courtesy The NRA Blog.
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October 26th, 2011

New Interactive Monthly Sales Flyer from MidwayUSA

MidwayUSAMidwayUSA has introduced a new, interactive version of its monthly sales flyer. This new flyer format features some very cool web technology. For starters, you can access a table of contents and flip pages just like a print catalog. But in addition, the new format offers full interactivity: you can zoom pages, click on product links, and even watch embedded video. While viewing the file, navigation buttons on the bottom let you print pages, zoom to full screen, and even keyword search for products within the monthly flyer.

The monthly flyers can also be downloaded as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files for viewing offline. CLICK HERE to download the latest November MidwayUSA Flyer PDF file (22 megabytes).

CLICK Image Below to Access November Flyer

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