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October 25th, 2011

Tonight’s Top Shot Season 3 Finale Decides $100,000 Winner

Top Shot Season 3
The Season 3 Finale of Top Shot on the History Channel airs this evening. Only four competitors remain. Tonight, one will win the title of “Top Shot” and a $100,000 prize. So set your Tivos for 10:00 pm Eastern Time and get ready for a very entertaining hour of television this evening (October 25th).

Top Shot Season 3The four remaining shooters are: Chris Collins, Dustin Ellermann, Mike Hughes, and Gary Quesenberry. We’re rooting for Dustin, a modest Christian Camp Director who taught himself to shoot. Though he had virtually no competitive shooting experience prior to Top Shot, Dustin has been fast and steady. He’s out-shot more experienced competitors in every episode, all the while showing humility and good sportsmanship. In the very difficult “Wheel of Fire” challenge last week, Dustin hit dozens of targets, while most of his fellow competitors struggled to hit one or two!

Dustin is a “natural” — a born marksman. We’d have to say he’s the favorite to win it all, based on past performances. Dustin is motivated to win: “I’m from Zavalla, Texas, a small town of 647 people — I sure don’t want to let them down.” A minister, accountant, lumberjack, husband, father of two and foster father of three, Dustin lives in the middle of the Angelina National Forest and considers himself a Renaissance man.

The “dark horse” among the three other Top Shot Finalists is “Big Mike” Hughes. Mike was actually eliminated in a previous episode, but he was invited back after former Navy SEAL Jake Zweig quit the show rather than go to an elimination challenge. Hughes, as the last competitor to leave before Zweig’s surprising withdrawal, was given a second chance. Mike faced elimination again last week, but he performed brilliantly in a zip-line challenge to make the Final Four. In the video below, you can watch Hughes win last week’s elimination, with a perfect 20 for 20 run:

Trick Shooting with Jerry Miculek
Here is a sample from the trick shooting episode a few weeks back. On this segment, legendary pistol shooter Jerry Miculek demonstrates some amazing trick shots, including snapping Q-tips in half with a .22LR rifle.

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October 24th, 2011

Sales of Federal Top Gun® Shotshells Benefit Wounded Warriors

wounded warrior projectHere’s an example of a major manufacturer stepping up to help our service men and women. A portion of the sales price of Federal® Ammunition’s new Top Gun® 12-gauge target load shotshells will go directly to support the Wounded Warrior Project. According to Federal: “An on-box royalty program sends proceeds from every sale of the patriotic [red, white, and blue] Top Gun product directly to support Wounded Warriors.”

The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project is “to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.” To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project, visit

Top Gun® Target Shotshells Specifications
Top Gun Target loads, product TGL12U, are designed for high-volume shooters. These red, white and blue shotshells are made to provide consistent performance at reasonable prices. They loaded with
1 1/8 ounces of #8 shot, spec’d at 2.72 Dram equivalent to run at 1175 fps.

wounded warrior project

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October 24th, 2011

Hunters Push to Allow Sunday Hunting In Pennsylvania

Sunday Hunting PennsylvanniaNo hunting on Sunday — sounds old-fashioned, right? It may surprise you, but 11 states (Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia) still have sunday-hunting prohibitions that date back to “blue laws” enacted in the 1700s. But now there is a strong effort to change that in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sportsmen Urged to Attend 10/27 Hearing
The Pennsylvania House Game and Fisheries Committee will hold its third and final public hearing on Thursday, Oct. 27, beginning at 9 a.m. in Room 140 of the Main Capitol Building in Harrisburg, PA. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) along with the Sunday Hunting Coalition is urging all sportsmen to come out and show their support for the removal of this antiquated blue law. NSSF has sent this call to action to every firearms retailer in the state urging their customers to support the repeal and take action by calling committee members. The NSSF estimates that allowing hunting on Sunday could increase economic activity in Pennsylvania to the tune of more than $764 million annually.

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October 24th, 2011

Babes With Bullets Announces 2012 Women’s Shooting Camps

Babes with BulletsBabes with Bullets™ is a three-day “immersion” camp program, led by a professional all-female staff, teaching novice women how to shoot handguns and some camps also offer rifle training. The head instructor is Kay Miculek, who has won multiple “action pistol” and multi-gun World and National championships. The camps also accommodate women who want to move up in competitions such as U.S. Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) or IDPA.

“This is an unusual training opportunity” stated Miculek “with all-female handgun champions picked for their abilities to work with novice women in a way that is empowering without being over-powering.” According to Miculek, many of the campers will shoot a gun for the first time and after completing the 3-day program they will have shot hundreds of rounds from various calibers of handguns. Miculek added, “Each woman will leave from this camp with a new life skill. Our emphasis is to show the ladies that shooting is a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding sport for women of all ages.”

According to Camp Director Deb Ferns, there are over 2,100 camper alumnae, ages 18 to 78, the majority having very little experience with a gun prior to camp. Ferns explained: “Think of this camp as part firearms training, part adventure camp and part pajama party”. Deb Ferns provides an introduction to the program in the video below.

Watch Babes With Bullets on the Outdoor Channel
Babes with Bullets has been a popular feature on the Outdoor Channel. Videos of Camp training sessions can be previewed at Camp registration forms and additional information are found at If you have questions, contact Deb Ferns at (520) 331-3400 or e-mail Deb [at]

Smith & Wesson Supplies Guns for Camp Participants
The cost of camp is $675, which includes housing, food, range fees, instructor costs and use of complimentary firearms, provided by Smith & Wesson. Campers also qualify for discounts on Smith & Wesson handguns and rifles.

Babes with Bullets

2012 Babes with Bullets Camp Locations

March 16th to 18th, 2012
Rocky Creek Ranch near Sarasota, Florida. Handgun camp for both novice and intermediate women.

April 13th to 15th, 2012, home range of Kay Miculek, located outside Shreveport, Louisiana. “Combo Camp” for novice and intermediates, offering two days of handgun work and one day of AR-15 rifle training. Three full range days.

May 18th to 20th, 2012
Willow Lake Sportman’s Club near Kalamazoo, Michigan. Three-day camp for novice and intermediate women. Campers stay at deluxe Willow Lake SC Lodge.

June 29th to July 1st, 2012
Routt County Rifle (and Pistol) Club near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Novice and intermediate camp with lodging located near the range.

September 7th to 10th, 2012
Rockcastle Shooting Center in Rockcastle, Kentucky. New “Combo Camp” offering beginner and intermediate handgun and rifle training.

October 12th to 14th, 2012
Tucson Rifle Club in Tucson, Arizona. Novice and intermediate camp at home range of camp director Deb Ferns.

November 2nd to 4th, 2012
Babes with Bullets is planning a Texas “Combo Camp” of handgun and rifle training first weekend of November. Site TBA.

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October 23rd, 2011

All National Guard Team Leads Marksmanship Clinics in Montana

This year at the Deep Creek Rifle Range, near Missoula, Montana, the All National Guard Team conducted two very popular (and effective) marksmanship clinics. First, in the spring, All Guard Team members ran an Across the Course (XTC) clinic with individual instruction and live fire at the 200, 300 and 600 yards. Instruction covered shooting positions and techniques /strategy for the various distances involved in XTC matches.

All national guard Team Marksmanship Clinics Montana

All national guard Team Marksmanship Clinics Montana

This fall, in conjunction with the sold-out Long Range and F-Class Regional, the All National Guard Team held a long range clinic — which was sold-out as well. In attendance were competitive shooters, Army National Guard sniper teams ,and long-range hunters. With over 50 civilian and military shooters present, the program included basic instruction followed by coached shooting at the 800-yard and 1000-yard lines. Before the shooting began, instructors explained the positions used in sling shooting and F-Class, and also explained the hardware competitors need for these disciplines. The clinic continued with discussions of ballistics and wind reading strategies. For the live-fire portion of the clinic, students were grouped into pairs, with one All Guard Team member assigned to each pair. This worked well — while one student was shooting the other could observe the coach’s instructions.

All national guard Team Marksmanship Clinics Montana

The All Guard Team provides this service as part of its mission to improve marksmanship among the civilian population. The Remington-Bushmaster Team headed by Ken Roxburgh, and the USMC Rifle Team, can also provide instruction for shooting clinics.

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October 23rd, 2011

Review of Stainless Tumbling Media Brass Cleaning System

On our main website, you’ll find a comprehensive review of the STM system for cleaning cartridge brass with stainless media. To clean brass with stainless media, start with five pounds of small stainless pins sold by Place these along with a gallon of water, a little liquid cleaner, and two pounds of cartridge brass in a rotary tumbler, and run the machine for one to four hours.

CLICK HERE for Stainless Media Brass Cleaning System Review

YouTube Preview Image

Forum Member Tests STM System
Our reviewer, Forum member Jason Koplin, purchased the STM media and a new Thumler’s Tumbler. He then tested the STM cleaning procedure on his own brass, including some extremely dirty and tarnished “range pick-up” brass. Jason was thoroughly impressed with how well the STM process worked — as you can see from the “before and after” photos below. Brass which looked like it was ready for the scrap heap was restored to “like-new” appearance. The process works equally well on both rifle brass and pistol brass. Jason observed that one surprise benefit of the STM cleaning procedure is a big reduction in noise. Jason said the water-filled rotary tumbler was much quieter than his vibratory tumblers.

stainless tumbling Media

stainless tumbling Media

You’ll want to read Jason’s full review which shows more before and after images. In addition, the full article features a “how-to” video created by Forum member Cory Dickerson, the young man who pioneered the stainless tumbling process and founded STM. The video shows how to load brass, media, and cleaner solutions into the tumbler, and how to separate media from brass once the tumbling is done. The illustration below shows how to access the article from our new home page. Note that you can click on other featured articles as well. Stainless Media

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October 22nd, 2011

Great Britain Wins 2011 Palma Match at World Championships

It’s Sunday, October 22nd in Australia, on the other side of the International Dateline. That means that the World Long Range Rifle Championships (WLRC) has concluded. The last major event was the Palma Cup Match, the most prestigious event in full-bore competition. The 2011 Palma Match has been completed with Team Great Britain the clear winner with a total Aggregate of 7027-651V. That’s 35 points ahead of South Africa which took second with a score of 6992-651V. (Interestingly had exactly the same V-count, for Center hits). Team USA captured the Bronze Medal, finishing third with a total of 6980-655.

Yanks Finish Third
Our friend Kelly Bachand, one of the Team USA Palma shooters, reports: “I’m a very proud member of the 2011 bronze medal winning USA Palma Team! There was very, very stiff competition and the conditions on the range tested our coaches and shooters thoroughly. After two long days of shooting we found ourselves bested by Great Britain and South Africa. While we did not win gold, this was still a tremendous accomplishment for our team, and I was very proud to shoot alongside the best rifle shooters in our country and from around the world.”

Link for Match Results
Preliminary results for the Palma Team Match and all the 2011 World Championships events are available online. For results for both individual and team events, visit the WLRC Results Page.

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October 22nd, 2011

Shotgunners Eller and Rhode Win Gold at Pan American Games

Pan American Games Glenn EllerSGT Glenn Eller of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit has won the Gold medal in Men’s Double Trap at the Pan American Games. Eller started well, hitting 49 out of 50 targets. Eller then shot a perfect 50 targets in his second round and 48 targets in the third round for 147 targets total. That was a new Pan American record, and just one target less than the world record. Eller’s total score of 195 targets (including the Final) smashed the existing Pan American record of 187 targets, and again, was just one target shy of the world record.

Needless to say Eller put up an amazing performance — one of the best ever by a Trap shooter. Eller’s Gold marks the twelfth shooting medal for the U.S. at the Pan American Games, and sixth Gold medal. Eller’s win was especially impressive because he had to overcome two trigger-related malfunctions in the Final. “We were fortunate to have good conditions and the Jalisco Hunting Club is the nicest venue in the Americas,” commented Eller. Puerto Rico’s Jose Torres won the silver medal with 136 match targets and 49 targets in the final for 185 total targets. Luis Da Graca of Brazil won the bronze medal with a perfect final of 50 targets for 182 total targets.

Pan American Games Kim RhodeKim Rhode Wins Women’s Skeet Gold Medal
Four-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode added yet another major victory to her resume, winning gold in Women’s Skeet at the Pan American Games. Rhode ran her first round with a perfect 25 targets in Women’s Skeet. Rhode, currently ranked #1 in the world in Women’s Skeet, continued to shine with two rounds of 24 targets for a total of 73 targets headed into the final. By the time she was finished, Rhode, the first American nominated to the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team, had set a new Pan American qualification and final record with 98 total targets. The silver medalist was Francisca Crovetto of Chile (89 targets) and the bronze medalist was Gil Melisa of Argentina (88 targets).

Rhode, who switched from Women’s Double Trap to Women’s Skeet after her original event was removed, has medaled in every major world championship in both events. Rhode’s grandmother passed away while the team was en route to Mexico. Rhode said, “I’d like to dedicate this medal to my grandmother because she taught me to work hard and stick with it.”

For more information on Team USA shooters at the Pan American Games, visit

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October 22nd, 2011

Remington Introduces $20 Custom-Molded Ear Protection Kit

Remington Radians custom silicone ear plugsRemington now offers a Custom Molded Hearing Protection Kit. This kit, developed by Radians for Remington, allows shooters to form their own re-usable earplugs, using non-toxic, hypo-allergenic silicone. Following instructions, in just a few minutes, you can custom-mold NRR 26 earplugs that fit the exact contours of your ears. If you get the molding right, the plugs stay in place and can be worn for all-day sessions without discomfort. Remington claims that this kit can provide: “the most comfortable, cost-effective, customizable hearing protection on the market”.

Included in the kit, which retails for $19.99, is a lanyard cord with colored, screw ends which will fit securely in the earplugs. Also included is a mirror to aid in the molding process and a small, microfiber storage bag.

Remington Radians custom silicone ear plugs

Comment: We’ve used a similar kit from Radians, and the two-part silicone molded easily. Following instructions, the silicone cured in about an hour, and the plugs were comfortable. Some buyers have complained that the plugs never “set-up” or cured properly. We suspect those buyers did not mix the two-part putty properly (in equal portions) so that the material never stabilized. It’s really not that difficult to get it right. We suggest mixing all the materials together, very thoroughly, in one batch. Then divide the mixed compound into two equal blocks, forming one plug for each ear.

Is this kit worth buying? We prefer and recommend tapered foam plugs. When purchased in bulk, foamies cost pennies a pair, and they offer superior noise reduction ratings of NRR 30-33. However, for a variety of reasons, some folks can’t tolerate foam earplugs or find them difficult to insert. If you’re among those who don’t like to use foam plugs, this do-it-yourself kit is worth a try. Follow the instructions, mix the compounds thoroughly, and you can craft customized ear protection for a fraction of the cost of doctor-fitted custom-molded plugs.

You will find many purchaser reviews of this product on Buyers seem divided. Most had very good results. Some folks were disappointed. As noted above, our experience was positive. For more information, contact Radians at 7580 Bartlett Corporate Drive, Bartlett, TN, 38133. Call toll free 1-877-723-4267 or visit

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October 21st, 2011

Regional at Deep Creek — Montana’s Home of World Records

Match Report by Jamey Williams
In late September, the Deep Creek Range in Missoula, MT hosted its Second Annual Montana Long Range and F-Class Regional. Like last year, the match was a sell-out with 51 shooters. Competitors cames from all over the nation, from Pennsylvania to Oregon. The conditions at the range were some of the best ever and the scores of the shooters reflected this. Many folks shot personal bests at this match — some are likely to move up in their NRA classifications.

Missoula Deep Creek Range Montana

This year the match sponsors included US Tactical Supply and Bryan Litz’s Both sponsors generously donated terrific prizes that were given out at the awards ceremony. The attendance at the two-day event was nearly an even split of sling shooters and F-Class shooters. Newcomers are always encouraged to sign up and try their hand at long-range shooting, and there were a handful of first-time competitors. The Army National Guard was well-represented with 19 soldiers, spread between the F-TR rifle Division and the Match Rifle/Palma Rifle Divisions. Most of the soldiers competing in the F-TR division were using their issued M24s and M110s.

Last year, SSG Allen Spiker, SFC Bob Evans and Nicole Hagedorn all established NRA National Records (in their respective categories) for their performances at the Montana LR and F-Class Regional (report from 2010: Record Broken at Deep Creek Range). This year, SSG Allen Spiker raised the bar, eclipsing his previous record with a pending new record. In the Palma Rifle division, Spiker fired a 1088 – 48X (1100 – 110X possible), beating his previous record mark by one X.

Missoula, MT High Power

The Deep Creek Range is located within 30 minutes of the heart of Missoula. The range complex is surrounded by mountains and pine trees, with great western scenery. Deep Creek also has some unique qualities. Most of the ranges in the Northern Rockies are noted for their challenging conditions, but traditionally, the Deep Creek range affords the shooter some of the best conditions they are likely to encounter anywhere. In addition to the NRA High Power records that continue to be established there, the Montana Northwest 1000-Yard Bench Rest Club is frequently in the shooting news — records seem to be broken every season. If you are interested in attending any of the F-Class or High Power matches there in 2012, contact Jamey Williams at jameydan [at], or visit

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October 21st, 2011

Setpoint to Offer Berger Bullets in Precision Loaded Ammunition

Setpoint Ammunition, a subsidiary of Setpoint Systems Inc., has finalized an OEM distribution agreement with Berger Bullets. The agreement allows Setpoint Ammunition to offer a selection of Berger’s precision bullets for use in custom cartridges sold on their website. Setpoint Ammunition will initially offer three Berger projectiles for use in their 7.62×51 / .308 WIN cartridges: 155gr Match Hybrid; 185gr Long Range BT;and 168gr Match Hunting VLD.

Setpoint Ammo Berger Bullets

Setpoint Ammo Berger Bullets“The agreement with Berger Bullets allows us to offer some of the best projectiles available for use in our precision ammunition,” said Brad Angus, President of Setpoint Ammunition. Angus went on to say that this agreement has been anticipated for some time. “Teaming with Berger has always been one of our goals. When you combine the well-known reputation of Berger Bullets with the unprecedented precision that we’ve built into our ammunition loading process, you get the best custom rifle ammunition available on the commercial market today.”

Setpoint’s Unique Manufacturing Process
The revolutionary Setpoint Ammunition ordering and manufacturing process allows customers to dictate the case, projectile, powder load and overall length of the cartridge via the online ordering system. This unique process gives consumers the ability to fine-tune their ammo to fit their specific firearm and application.

The order is relayed from the website to the manufacturing facility, where fully-automated machines (designed and built for Setpoint Ammunition by Setpoint Systems,) load and assemble the cartridges to high levels of precision. By mechanizing the entire loading process, precision and consistency are maximized. The final outcome is affordable, reliable, high-performance ammunition. (Sales packages are available for military, law enforcement and tactical security groups.)

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October 20th, 2011

Britain’s Richard Jeens Wins World Long Range Rifle Title

Great Britain’s Richard Jeens won the Individual World Long Range Full-Bore Rifle Championship in Brisbane, Australia with a final score of 725-49V. (A “V” is a center-ring hit, equivalent to an “X” in American matches). Ceremonially hoisted in the air by his fellow competitors at the awards ceremony, Jeens was all smiles, having earned a title he’ll retain until the next World Championships in 2015. Jeens topped a field of 374 shooters from seven countries. Andre Du Toit of South Africa took the Silver Medal after a shoot-off for 2nd/3rd position against bronze-medal winner David Luckman of Great Britain. CLICK HERE for complete results.

World Rifle Championship Australia

Finishing 5th overall in the Three-Day Aggregate, Jeens had to rely on his shooting skills (plus a little bit of luck) to win the shoot-off (the top ten competitors after three days of competition advance to a final shoot-off.) The little bit of luck came by way of the winds during the 1,000-yard phase of the competition. Long Range shooters usually deal with all sorts of conditions, but the day’s wind was enough to knock a few of the favorites (such as SGT Sherri Gallagher) out of the Top Ten. Nonetheless, it was a well-deserved win, and we congratulate Richard on his achievement. Looking at Richard’s winning rifle, we surmise his victory settles the question whether a thumb-hole stock will work for long-range prone shooting — it seemed to suit Jeens just fine.

Jeens wasn’t the only hot-shooting marksman from Great Britain in the competition. Fellow Brit David Luckman shot a 723-68V, matching South African Andre Du Toit for the second highest score (Du Toit then prevailed in a shoot-off for second place). Only 4 Vs behind her team-mate Luckman, Great Britain’s Jane Messer finished fourth with 723-62V. Notably, three women finished in the Top 10, led by Messer, with Americans Trudie Fay and Nancy Tompkins in sixth and tenth, respectively. Heading into the final day of the Individual Championships, Nancy’s daughter SGT Sherri Gallagher was in the lead, but she dropped points in the very windy conditions on the last day.

With the individual side of the competition complete, all that remains is the Palma Match. Here are the final individual scores:

World Rifle Championship Australia

Photo Credit: US Palma Team member Dave Cloft. Report by Lars Dalseide for The NRA Blog.
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