October 22nd, 2011

Remington Introduces $20 Custom-Molded Ear Protection Kit

Remington Radians custom silicone ear plugsRemington now offers a Custom Molded Hearing Protection Kit. This kit, developed by Radians for Remington, allows shooters to form their own re-usable earplugs, using non-toxic, hypo-allergenic silicone. Following instructions, in just a few minutes, you can custom-mold NRR 26 earplugs that fit the exact contours of your ears. If you get the molding right, the plugs stay in place and can be worn for all-day sessions without discomfort. Remington claims that this kit can provide: “the most comfortable, cost-effective, customizable hearing protection on the market”.

Included in the kit, which retails for $19.99, is a lanyard cord with colored, screw ends which will fit securely in the earplugs. Also included is a mirror to aid in the molding process and a small, microfiber storage bag.

Remington Radians custom silicone ear plugs

Comment: We’ve used a similar kit from Radians, and the two-part silicone molded easily. Following instructions, the silicone cured in about an hour, and the plugs were comfortable. Some buyers have complained that the plugs never “set-up” or cured properly. We suspect those buyers did not mix the two-part putty properly (in equal portions) so that the material never stabilized. It’s really not that difficult to get it right. We suggest mixing all the materials together, very thoroughly, in one batch. Then divide the mixed compound into two equal blocks, forming one plug for each ear.

Is this kit worth buying? We prefer and recommend tapered foam plugs. When purchased in bulk, foamies cost pennies a pair, and they offer superior noise reduction ratings of NRR 30-33. However, for a variety of reasons, some folks can’t tolerate foam earplugs or find them difficult to insert. If you’re among those who don’t like to use foam plugs, this do-it-yourself kit is worth a try. Follow the instructions, mix the compounds thoroughly, and you can craft customized ear protection for a fraction of the cost of doctor-fitted custom-molded plugs.

You will find many purchaser reviews of this product on Amazon.com. Buyers seem divided. Most had very good results. Some folks were disappointed. As noted above, our experience was positive. For more information, contact Radians at 7580 Bartlett Corporate Drive, Bartlett, TN, 38133. Call toll free 1-877-723-4267 or visit www.radians.com.

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