September 30th, 2011

Budget-Priced Gear Haulers for Gun Guys

Got gun gear? Need mobile storage? Here are three handy storage solutions that can haul your stuff safely without breaking your budget. In fact, our first recommended item costs less than a buck. How can you argue with that!

The 99¢ Compact Tool Box — Fits inside a Backpack
Here’s a great item for hunters and tactical guys. Right now, the 99¢ Store is selling a small, 11″x5″x4″ plastic tool box. The price — you guessed it — is just ninety-nine cents. Hey that’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee. We like this unit because it is small enough to fit in a backpack or large duffle bag. It can keep your pointy tools from poking holes in your pack, or provide hardshell protection for pricey items such as range-finders, cameras, and Kestrels. As you’d expect, the box isn’t perfect — the snap closure could be tighter. But the tool box does the job. It’s a very handy size, and the price is so cheap you can hardly go wrong. I bought two — one for gun stuff and the other for emergency gear in my vehicle. Note: This item is not listed online at — availability may vary from store to store.

Stanley Mobile Chest 033026R

Lockable Utility Boxes — Good for Guns, Ammo, Tools
Northern Tool sells a versatile, lockable Utility Box for just $10.99. This is available in Green (Item# 26169) or Orange (Item# 26171). There is also a larger version with a top tray for $15.99 (Green, Item# 26170 or Orange, Item# 26172). We like these storage boxes. They have a rubber weather-seal, and the tupperware-type plastic is gentle on your tools or firearms. The sturdy locking system lets you use these boxes to transport handguns in jurisdictions (such as California) where a locked container is required. The smaller box can easily hold two medium-sized handguns, plus ammo and shooting glasses. It’s also nice to have a lockable box to hold expensive accessories such as wind-meters and cameras. The big box (15″L x 8″W x 11.5″H) is strong enough to sit on and holds plenty of gear. We have a few of these boxes (both large and small) and they’ve held up through years of service.

Stanley Mobile Chest 033026R

Wheeled, Lockable Mobile Chest Can Haul It All
If you need to haul a ton of gear, consider the Stanley Pro Mobile Chest (model 033026R). The main compartment of this thing is big enough to hold a front pedestal rest, a couple sand-bags, plus muffs and more. There’s also a small, see-through, pop-top parts caddy on top. Use that for stowing small tools, jags, patches, brushes and other supplies. Right now you can get this (#033026R) Mobile Chest at Ace Hardware for just $49.99. You can order online and Ace will ship the unit for free to your nearest Ace Hardware Outlet.

Stanley Mobile Chest 033026R

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