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November 3rd, 2011

New Laser Boresights for 17 HMR and .22LR Rimfire Rifles

With larger-caliber rifles, manual bore-sighting (with your eyeballs) is not that difficult. Just remove the bolt, and look through the bore at the target. It helps to have a well-illuminated, high-contrast circle target about 8″ to 12″ in diameter. When you’ve got the target centered, then stabilize your gun on the rest so it doesn’t move from that position. Because bore-sighting the old-fashioned way is not that difficult with larger calibers, we’re not sure laser bore-sighters and other gadgets are really needed.

Sightmark Rimfire Laser BoresighterHowever, with smaller calibers (.17, .204, .223), manual bore-sighting is not so easy. Much less light makes its way down the smaller-diameter bore, and it’s more difficult to find the target on the background. That’s why we welcome two new products from Sightmark. This Texas-based company has developed in-chamber laser boresights for 17 HMR and .22LR rimfire guns. The tiny boresights are correctly dimensioned so they fit in rimfire chambers just like normal 17 HMR or .22LR cartridges. With the boresight in place, simply flick a switch on the battery pack and the laser dot shows exactly where the rifle is aimed. The dot is roughly 2″ in diameter at 100 yards.

Sightmark rimfire boresights are made from brass, so they are gentle on your chambers. The separate battery pack holds two (2) AAA batteries, which will power the laser for about 30 hours. We like the fact that the battery pack is separate. That makes it easier to swap in new batteries, AND, importantly, the battery pack makes it obvious when the boresight is in use. That lessens the chance that someone could mistakenly try to chamber a live round with the boresight in place.

Sightmark Rimfire Laser Boresighter

Sightmark Rimfire Boresights Developed After Extensive Comparison Testing
“We tested every competitor’s chamber boresight for the 17 HMR and .22LR currently on the market and found that they did not work well, so we decided to create one that would,” said James Sellers, president of Sightmark. “Our Sightmark 17 HMR and .22LR boresights are as accurate as our other award-winning chamber boresights, so there’s no guessing if you’re on target”. Sightmark 17 HMR and .22LR Rimfire boresights retail for $47.99 and can be ordered directly from the Sightmark Online Catalog.

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November 3rd, 2011

2012 NRA Intercollegiate Club Championships in March

NRA Intercollegiate rifle championshipsThe 2012 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships and NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships will be held at Fort Benning, Georgia in March. These events run simultaneously. Dates are March 13-17 for the Pistol Championships and March 13-18 for the Rifle Championships. These Championship matches will be conducted as part of the U.S. Army’s Army Strong Collegiate Shooting Championships.

Participation by Invitation Only
Both the Pistol and Rifle Championships are invitation-only events — the Top 30 ranking individuals in each discipline and the Top Ten ranking team in each discipline are invited to attend. Learn more about these events by downloading the NRA’s 2012 Intercollegiate Championship Online Program, a PDF file. There you will find competition Schedules, Courses of Fire, Training Summits and more. Pistol event coverage starts on page 1 while Rifle information begins on page 17.

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