November 6th, 2011

5-Axis Milling Magic — You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

In the firearms business we are justifiably proud of the machining quality of high-end components. For example, a multi-flat BAT action with diamond fluted bolt is an impressive piece of machining. But if you want to see a truly amazing example of modern automated machining, watch the two videos below.

BAT Machine

5-Axis Milling Magic
In the videos below, a modern, computer-controlled 5-axis milling machine produces a complete motorcycle helmet shell start to finish. Yes, the motorcycle helmet was milled out of one solid 120kg block of aluminum.

Every feature of the aluminum helmet was cut by machine — even the side vents and rear “50th Anniversary” logo and mesh grill”. The machines in use are 5-Axis hyperMILLs produced by Daishin Seiki Corp. of Japan.

Full-Process Start to Finish
YouTube Preview Image

5-Axis Milling in Real Time
YouTube Preview Image