November 29th, 2011

Bartlein Barrels Sponsors U.S. F-Class Open Rifle Team

Bartlein BarrelsBartlein Barrels is giving the U.S. F-Class Open Rifle Team over $15,000 worth of barrels. Shiraz Balolia, Team Captain states: “We are lucky in the United States to have a company that produces such precisely crafted barrels. Bartlein’s sponsorship affords our team every advantage to bring home the gold in the 2013 World Championships. These barrels are superior!” Many of the top F-Class shooters in the world have a Bartlein in their barrel inventory. In the recent European Championships, nine out of the top 10 shooters used Bartlein barrels. Numerous world and U.S. national records have been set with Bartlein barrels, and the U.S. Team highly recommends them.

The U.S. team Captain, Shiraz Balolia, knows first hand how Bartlein barrels perform. Check out the Captain’s 300-yard National Record set in 2008 using his custom 6XC rifle outfitted with a Bartlein barrel. In a registered match, he shot an absolute perfect score on an F-Class target: 200 with 20 Xs. He then kept shooting, as allowed by NRA rules, and shot six more Xs before a 10 leaked out! (Target photo below.) More recently, Robert Bock, the previous U.S. F-Class Open Team Captain, set a new 1000-yard record, 150 with 12 Xs, at the 2011 F-Class Nationals in Lodi, WI.

Bilolia Record Bartlein Barrel 6XC

The U.S. F-Class team thanks Bartlein Barrels for their generous sponsorship and invites all shooting enthusiasts to visit the team’s website, and watch as the team continues to prepare for the World Championships.