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November 12th, 2011

Machine Guns Vegas — World’s First Luxury ‘Gun Lounge’

Hot ladies and firearms — that’s a combination that’s worked for Hollywood, so why not Las Vegas? A new up-scale indoor shooting facility, Machine Guns Vegas, opens for business next month on the Las Vegas Strip. What sets this apart from your typical gun range are the luxurious appointments, the million-dollar gun arsenal, and, of course, the gorgeous Shoot Hostesses (aka Range Mistresses).
Las Vegas machine gun lounge
Occupying a spot behind the Mirage Hotel on Las Vegas’ central strip, Machine Guns Vegas will be America’s first-ever “ultra gun lounge”. The 10,000-square-foot, $5 million facility will feature plush furniture, large flat-screens TVs, iMacs, with private areas for parties.

The idea was cooked up by Genghis Cohen, who created the exotic Tabu club at the MGM Grand Hotel. Cohen told the UK’s Daily Mail that: “Machine Guns Vegas has changed everything. We’re the first luxury, dedicated gun lounge in the world.” Cohen added: “The world is now ready for a Gun Lounge [where] stunning ‘Gun-Girls’ trained in gun-handling [will] look after VIP guests.” Options will include full-auto Tommy Guns and M60s. But don’t worry — alcohol is not allowed on the premises and “all Machine Guns Vegas girls are certified Range Safety Officers through the National Rifle Association.” In addition, Machine Guns Vegas will have some serious firearms experts (with military experience) on staff.

Las Vegas machine gun lounge

Machine Guns Vegas Director of Training Michael Heck (a former Las Vegas Metro police officer) explains: “”We’re going to do something a little more high-end here, where the shoot club meets the nightclub. It’s Vegas… we’re trying to put the sin back in Sin City,”

This will be no ordinary gun range. Heck reveals: “On the front end, you’re going to see a sales host that may have been on the pages of Playboy last year, and now she’s our sales host. She’s thoroughly familiar with the firearms industry. By the time you make it out on the range, you’re probably going to be greeted by range masters that have done two or three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

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November 12th, 2011

New Hodgdon CFE223 Powder and Nosler Varmageddon Bullets is running promotions right now on new products from Hodgdon Powder Co. and Nosler. First, has Hodgdon’s new CFE223 in stock for $21.99 per pound. This new powder is ideal for the .223 Rem and other popular chamberings. We’ve found that CFE223 delivers good velocity and it meters well. Hodgdon claims the proprietary powder formulation can reduce the amount of copper fouling in barrels — so you can shoot more and clean less. What’s more — if you purchase 32 pounds of smokeless powder, will waive the $25.00 hazmat fee, and yes you can “mix and match” different types of powder in your order. Varmageddon bullets Nosler

Next, is offering promo pricing on Nosler’s new Varmageddon 40gr, flat-based polymer-tipped Varmint bullets. These new bullets run fast from a .223 Rem. The special tapered-wall jacket design (thin-wall at top, thick at bottom) and the polymer tip assure explosive impact on prairie dogs and other critters. A 100-ct box of .224 cal, 40gr Varmageddon projectiles is just $14.29. Varmageddon bullets Nosler Varmageddon bullets Nosler

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