November 12th, 2011

New Hodgdon CFE223 Powder and Nosler Varmageddon Bullets is running promotions right now on new products from Hodgdon Powder Co. and Nosler. First, has Hodgdon’s new CFE223 in stock for $21.99 per pound. This new powder is ideal for the .223 Rem and other popular chamberings. We’ve found that CFE223 delivers good velocity and it meters well. Hodgdon claims the proprietary powder formulation can reduce the amount of copper fouling in barrels — so you can shoot more and clean less. What’s more — if you purchase 32 pounds of smokeless powder, will waive the $25.00 hazmat fee, and yes you can “mix and match” different types of powder in your order. Varmageddon bullets Nosler

Next, is offering promo pricing on Nosler’s new Varmageddon 40gr, flat-based polymer-tipped Varmint bullets. These new bullets run fast from a .223 Rem. The special tapered-wall jacket design (thin-wall at top, thick at bottom) and the polymer tip assure explosive impact on prairie dogs and other critters. A 100-ct box of .224 cal, 40gr Varmageddon projectiles is just $14.29. Varmageddon bullets Nosler Varmageddon bullets Nosler

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