November 9th, 2011

Berger Adds 215gr and 230gr Hybrids to .30 Caliber Bullet Line

Berger bulletsRecently, Berger released two new .30 caliber Hybrid Target bullets, a 215-grainer and a 230-grainer. With this new pair of projectiles, Berger now offers .30 Cal Hybrids in weights of 155 gr, 168 gr, 185 gr, 200 gr, 215 gr, and 230 grains. These bullets use a Hybrid nose designed by Bryan Litz to optimize long-range performance and enhance “tunability”. The Hybrid nose starts with a tangent shape and transitions into a secant shape. This allows these bullets to be much less seating-depth sensitive (than the VLD) while at the same time the secant portion reduces drag (for a higher BC). Berger’s Eric Stecker: “It is my understanding that each of these [new Hybrid] bullets has the highest BC of any bullets in their weight class. Combine this with being easier to tune and what you get is six new projectiles that raise the performance bar for .30 cal rifles.”

Berger Bullets .30 Cal Hybrids

Berger Rolled Out 11 New Bullet Designs in 2011
This has been a busy year for Berger Bullets. It has introduced eleven (11) all-new projectile designs. In addition, Berger re-labeled two of its popular bullets. Here’s a summary of the new offerings:

  • 6mm 105 gr Hybrid Target
  • .30 cal 155 gr Hybrid Target
  • .30 cal 168 gr Hybrid Target
  • .30 cal 185 gr Juggernaut Target (Name change — this was formerly called the 185 gr Long Range BT.)
  • .30 cal 185 gr Hybrid Target
  • .30 cal 200 gr Hybrid Target
  • .30 cal 215 gr Hybrid Target
  • .30 Cal 230 gr Hybrid Target
  • .22 Cal 77 gr OTM Tactical (Name change — this is the same bullet as the .22 cal 77 gr BT Target, but it’s new to the Tactical line).
  • .30 Cal 175 gr OTM Tactical (designed for .308 Win to be a transonic-stable option.)
  • .30 Cal 185 gr Juggernaut OTM Tactical (designed as a transonic-stable option for the 300 Win Mag.)
  • .30 Cal 230 gr Hybrid OTM Tactical (designed as a supersonic option for the 300 Win Mag.)
  • .338 Cal 300 gr Hybrid OTM Tactical (this is the redesigned Gen 2 version.)

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