November 2nd, 2011

Shooters’ Ammo Preferences Surveyed by NSSF

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has released the results of its latest online survey of active hunters and target shooters. Each month the NSSF surveys shooters’ buying preferences for particular types of merchandise. In August, the NSSF asked shooters to rank the brand(s) of rifle ammo they had purchased most often so far in 2011. Remington lead the way, followed by Federal, Winchester, Hornady, and CCI (in that order).

NSSF survey

The NSSF also asked hunters and shooters about their overall spending patterns for the year 2011. Respondents were asked: “Do you think you are buying more, less, or the same amount of hunting equipment so far in 2011 as compared to 2010?”

NSSF survey

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