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February 3rd, 2012

Leupold Now Offers Custom Elevation Turrets for VX-3 & VX-3L

Leupold is now offering Custom Dial System (CDS®) elevation turrets in more models of VX-3 and VX-3L riflescopes. These CDS turrets have a dial calibrated for load ballistics supplied by the scope owner, with markings that correspond to range yardages. So, instead of dialing-in a specified number of clicks from a ballistics table, you simply dial to the indicated yardage (see demo at right). For example, to hit a target at 500 yards, you simply spin the dial to the “5” mark on the turret. You can order multiple dials, set up for different loads.

New VX-3 CDS models include the 4.5-14x40mm AO, 4.5-14x40mm Side Focus, and 4.5-14x50mm Side Focus. The new VX-3L CDS model is the 4.5-14x56mm Side Focus.

How the CDS™ System Works
The CDS System works by laser-inscribing your scope’s elevation dial to match your load, velocity and conditions. Each CDS dial is custom-calibrated based on key ballistic factors: Caliber, Bullet Weight, Bullet Type, Ballistic Coefficient, Muzzle Velocity, Average Elevation, and Average Temperature.

Luepold CDSWith CDS turrets mounted on a VX-3/VX-3L scope, you can quickly get on target by dialing the elevation to different ranges with a custom adjustment matched to your rifle- and load-specific ballistics. Leupold CDS riflescopes comes with standard ¼-MOA click adjustment dials. VX-3 CDS models include a coupon redeemable for one FREE custom-engraved CDS dial. Additional dials may be purchased for $59.99 each. All you need to swap between dials is a small screw-driver to work a simple set-screw. One-Revolution stops are available for custom dials.

Pat Mundy, communications manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc., explained, “When you purchase a CDS riflescope, contact us with your ballistic data and shipping information, then we’ll send you a dial custom built to match the caliber and load you are using. It’s as simple as that. There are no adjustment covers to lose and the CDS makes your VX-3 even more accurate and rugged.”

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February 3rd, 2012

New $5.99 Ballistics App for Windows-OS Smart Phones

Ballisitica ballistics app WindowsExcellent ballistics apps have been available for iPhones and Android phones for quite some time. Well, Windows-phone users can now join the party. Ballistica, a $5.99 software App for WP7-OS smartphones (ver. 7.5+), is now on the market. Ballistica has all the features you’d expect from a modern ballistics solver. To get a solution, first enter your bullet info, MV, and BC (either G1 or G7). Then input the target distance, up/down angle, temp, altitude, barometric pressure, wind speed and wind angle. The program will create a drop chart with values of your choosing (MOA clicks or Mils). Conveniently, you can save Ballistic Profiles for particular loads (bullet/velocity combinations). CLICK HERE for Ballistica USER MANUAL (PDF file).

Ballisitica ballistics app Windows

The user interface for Ballistica is simple and straightforward, with five primary screens:

Projectile Page: Enter data on bullet of choice: Caliber, Weight, Sight Height, BC (G1 or G7).
Conditions Page: Set ambient conditions such as altitude, humidity, and wind direction/velocity.
Target Page: Set target distance, target speed, and up/down line of sight angle.
Chart Page: Shows POI drop chart with distance intervals you select. Mil- or MOA-segmented clicks.
Quick Shot Page: This provides a fast firing solution at one distance. You can change variables as conditions change.

Video Review of Ballistics for Windows Phones

If you have a Windows-OS smart phone, Ballistica is definitely worth checking out. A FREE trial version is available. The trial version lets you access most of the features, however, you won’t be able to save profiles. You can download Ballistica from the Windows Phone Marketplace. You’ll find a “Try for Free” link for the free version right below the purchase link. You can also download a FREE USER Manual for Ballistica. NOTE: Ballistica requires Windows Phone ver. 7.5 or higher.

Ballisitica ballistics app Windows

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